Discuss your thesis statement and prepare a supervision plan, which must be included in the form. Assessment of your thesis. You and your supervisor need to draw up a supervision plan. Upload the supervision plan to the masters’ thesis administration. You are also welcome to contact a student counsellor and get inspiration on how to go about the challenges, or you can contact the programme coordinator for your degree.

Deadline and exam attempts. See Inspiration for your thesis if you need additional support and supervision during the process. You must apply by sending an email to the head of department with specialer. The length of the thesis must not exceed standard pages; normally, a thesis will be between standard pages. You should also be aware that your submission of your thesis is final.

Forms – School of Education. If you choose a thesis with a journalistic product exam form 3and if you want to produce kniversity that is not a printed article, the design and scope must be discussed with the journalistic co-supervisor and is subject to the final approval from the academic supervisor.

The Faculty of Arts. Registration for the Master’s thesis. Starting the process of thesis supervision.

Master’s Thesis

You can contact both your supervisor and a student counsellor if you need to discuss your options. Deadline for upload is 1 June at Read more about applying for exemption.

You are entitled to 3 examination attempts. Therefore you don’t need to indicate that you are part masted a group, or ‘form’ a group in Digital Exam, in connection with or prior to your submission. If you become a parent during your Master’s thesis process, you have the opportunity to keep parental leave from your studies. Thesis supervisors must be members of department staff a professor, associate professor or assistant professor.


aarhus university bss master thesis

In addition to checking that you are registered for the thesis, you must ensure — prior to the formal start date of the thesis — that you have: Find more information in the course description ‘Master’s thesis’ in the AU course catalogue. This unniversity that the submitted thesis is locked when you have submitted it an that you cannot edit the thesis after having submitted it.

You may not submit your thesis in the semester mastet which you have been on leave. You can find all the relevant information about applying for a supervisor under the menu item, ‘ Supervisor ” You can find all relevant information about formal requirements, the submission, evaluation, etc. You can get help from:. Assessment of your thesis.

You cannot complain about the feedback — only about the mark given.

aarhus university bss master thesis

You can read more about your options on the page on exemption and parental leave. When failing to submit the thesis for the second time, the procedure of the second examination attempt must be followed for your third exam attempt. If you have still not completed your thesis after these three months, it means you have used one more attempt and the deadline is extended by a further three months to the third and final attempt.

This applies even if you have not passed all prior elements of your degree programme. Once you have uploaded your thesis, it is not possible to withdraw it. At a later supervision meeting, a aarhud thesis agreement will be drafted with a changed thesis statement which will be within the same subject area. You should also make up your mind as to whether maser thesis will be business-oriented and completed in collaboration with a company, and whether you would like and are able to work on a group thesis.


Please arrange when and how to do this with your supervisor. The oral defence must take place no later than 6 weeks after the submission deadline.

Master’s thesis

For inspiration on points to discuss, see ‘Good advice for the first meeting with supervisor’. You are also welcome to contact a student counsellor and get inspiration on how to go about the challenges, or you can contact the programme coordinator for your degree.

If you choose to postpone courses within the thesis period, you are not able to defer the end date of your thesis. Contact your supervisor initially and clarify the reasons for the result. If your maximum duration of studies is extended or shortened, your automatic registration will depend on your maximum duration of studies. The university must announce the assessment no later than four weeks after your bse has been submitted.