Introduction to Statistics to complete this requirement. Respond to assigned readings in Discussion Board. Methods in Psychology Credit Hours: A guide to critical and creative thought 11th ed. View Power Point Presentation.

The art of thinking: Logic in Practice Thur 6: Office Cell – 0 53 93 Office. Discuss your opinion on the case of Roberta Miller. This course is an introduction to the field of political More information. Values- Students will be able to make informed choices based on an understanding of personal values, human diversity, multicultural awareness and social responsibility. Read sample essay on compulsory education.

Italian American literature surveys fiction, poetry, and drama throughout the history of Italian Americans in the United States beginning in the first half of the twentieth century and continuing into contemporary America. The outcomes that are checked in the left-hand column indicate goals that will be covered and assessed in this course. Write a critical reaction paper.

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Share personal essay in course Wiki. Take Week 9 Test. Discuss the source of your views on a controversial issue. Julianne Gray Ludlam, Ph.


bmcc critical thinking syllabus

Read Chapter 5, pp Do Ex. Introduction to Criminal Justice Catalog Description: Read The Case of Roberta Miller.

Take notes on each presentation, pro and con, for your rebuttal and for use in your argumentative essay. Culture, Custom, Knowledge TR Write a comparisoncontrast fhinking based on your analysis of the news media. Academic Literacy and Linguistics Dept. Senior Seminar in History.

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Take Week 2Test in Assignments. Science I Room 54 Email:.

bmcc critical thinking syllabus

Using the idea or work of another is permissible only when the original author is identified. Present and discuss results of your research to your group in your private Discussion Thjnking.

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Take Week 5 Test. Office Cell – 0 53 93 Office. Keren Myers Office Location: Respond to assigned readings in Discussion Board. Any questions or concerns need to be addressed More information.

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The full policy can be found on BMCC s website, For further information on integrity and behavior, please consult the college bulletin also available online. Conduct group debate in the Course Blog.


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Students criticcal to transfer to Lehman College under this agreement are strongly recommended to take MAT ? You also need to set your Internet options so that you allow “cookies.

bmcc critical thinking syllabus

Instructor Information Calinda C. Act as a jury member and reach a verdict. This course bmdc provide an overview of the criminal justice system, its history, its philosophical development, and its contemporary configurations.

If you have any questions, please More information. Friday, 11 am – 2 pm Tuesday, 11 am – 1 pm. Read Textbook Chapter 1, pp Do Ex.