In order to strengthen his argument the author could address more details about income inequality. One example of this can be seen in the tax break for the hedge fund managers. Politicians have enough wealth and influence that they are unaffected by the average joe who doesn’t agree with them. She claims that high inequality undermines development by hindering economic progress, weakening democratic life, and threatening social cohesion she supports this claim by first analyzing income growth and democratic life. As your research component in this paper, please include in your comparative essay a minimum total of five 5 direct quotations from the combined 28 pages of the two 2 essays under comparison; a minimum of four 4 direct quotation notes from two 2 experts on the economy other than authors of the two essays you are comparing; and four 4 notes from experts, but in your words, from two 2 different experts, whose thinking supports your thesis.

C also incorporates the added dimension of scholarly research, as is required in your comparative Analysis 2. With this cultural problem, changing government programs and regulations will not make a difference. C also provides direction for developing evidence through research and for documenting the research in a Works Cited section. A Naturally, you are better advised to select few questions, rather than many, as a way of narrowing your focus. About Me Candelaria Maxwell View my complete profile. Posted by Candelaria Maxwell at You are commenting using your WordPress.

Skillful use of evidence contributes 50 of the points available for the essay.

confronting inequality paul krugman thesis

Instead, analyze; analyze; analyze. Focusing on schools, families, and jobs are the three most important factors in improving the wealth gap in America.

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Another cause of this problem is we tend to kruvman all complex cultural, social, behavioral, and economical problems into strictly economical problems. Once these suggestions are implemented, there will be more revenue for the government, so that lower income families can be assisted, and then social equality will resume. C is a worthy model of persuasion, being a persuasive speech.


Today, that is exactly what is happening.

Paul Krugman in Confronting Inequality tries to explain how bad inequality is

After employing the available evidence from the two 2 essays, then provide evidence from authoritative external sources, as stated in A, 8. He supports this claim by first describing the social costs of inequality that came from conservatives trying to argue the opposite. Throughout the years inequality has affected class and income. This work is significant because it makes people open up to what many people have to face over living expenses.

And finally, the footprint of financial distress is long commute times, because families who are short on pauo often try to make ends meet by moving to where housing is cheaper in many cases, farther from work. He believes income inequality brings social inequality which affects the way people live in this country.

confronting inequality paul krugman thesis

Inequalitj any of the fourteen questions below in building your comparative essay. A A A A 1 Why should we care about economic inequality? Also, the more money the wealthy have, and the less of a middle class there is, the more influence the wealthy have in politics, which again increases the social inequality in America.

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The lower class needs to reinforce the validation of the values and standards they continue to uphold while the upper class needs to reevaluate their priorities. You may analyze likenesses, differences or both. This confrontlng believes that all inequalities are due to detachment from core values.


And finally, reducing market inequality can be a great deal to reduce inequality by the reduction in the market income.

Notify me of new comments via email. The factors that have caused inequality to rise are tax cuts on the top earners in America and the lack of healthcare for poor and middle class families.

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Anybody should be equal no matter how they live or how much money they make. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here In order to strengthen his argument the author could address more details about income inequality. This work is significant because it can make people be aware of the world that they are living is full of many surprises. Perceptiveness of thesis can be present only if a critical consideration of the two 2 essays you are comparing first occurs, so that the required critical analysis can result.

Follow only as a guide to form, not subject. To lessen this cultural separation, individual American families need to begin acting in their own interests and the interests of their children.

Instead, the solution to the problem is to focus on the real issues at hand, which are bad schools, no jobs for young men, broken families, and neighborhoods without mediating institutions. Then the higher country income levels and faster economic growth do not always translate into lower inequality in education, health, and other areas of human well-being.

Three 3 types of textual evidence are available: