Or it simply says a journey of five brothers in the jungle. The person who doesn’t possess these qualities suffers in life. Yaksha become more happy and revived all his brothers and suggested them to go to Matsya’s kingdom for safer life. If we have selfish and careless attitude, that ruins our personality in particular and humanity in general. Your email address will not be published. Reading this text gave me new awareness. There also seems to be a slight internal contradiction in this tale.

If we conduct any work rightly that has creative result. Hence, we disagree with the writer along with one event in his four brother’s are restored to life after their death which seems impossible in real life. From our perspectives, man without desires can never be rich, nor can we lose our anger. Why Go to University? The concept that real happiness of life stands on the platform of right conduct ,wisdom, patience and endurance has now changed my mode of thinking about several aspects of life. Reading this text gave me new awareness. Hours passed but the brother didn’t come back.

And restored all his brother’s to live by promising to help them in their future difficulties. Is righteousness always rewarded?

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Do gods really exist? They were very tired and thirsty, so wanted to drink water. Courage is his surest weapon in danger. As a result, the god appeared in front Yudhisthira, highly appreciated him for his patience, righteousness and wisdom and restored all his brothers to life.


If we try to relate this story to the one in he present context, we come to notice that people don’t have much respect on or regard for morality and religion. After being told not to drink the water, the four younger brothers obediently wait but the Yaksha says nothing, leaving them with the impression that they have been hallucinating. In the meantime, they grew thirsty and couldn’t move ahead. Then he bent to drink water from the pool but an unknown voice warned him.

In other criticla good actions are immediately rewarded. The righteousness of Yudhisthira is the central point of this story. Although Yudhisthira was very thirsty, he obeyed the yakshya and answers all his questions correctly. Moreover, he correctly answers the Yaksha’s philosophical queries. He sent his second brother, he also disappeared.

Yudhishthira’s wisdom four levels

For more results visit thnking He saw them lying on the ground near a pool. Then Yudhisthira chose Nakula on the moral ground. Then Yudhishthira goes to search for his brothers.

critical thinking of yudhisthiras wisdom

Exhausted, Yudhishthira, the eldest, sends one brother to search for water. It led me, for instance, to ask, again, which view is right: In totality, the secrecy of being a great person in life on moral and religious grounds is vivid to tginking so far.


Yudhishthira’s wisdom

The story can also be interpreted to mean that righteousness not only makes you feel good, not only contributes to brighter prospects after your death, but that it pays right here on this earth. I can grave some philosophical concepts is my subjects interest.

critical thinking of yudhisthiras wisdom

He waited admonition form drinking water after listening similar. Are there gods out there? Mero Future June 29, at 9: But he didn’t come back for a long time.

critical thinking of yudhisthiras wisdom

I was never convinced earlier that all these qualities would one day be rewarded. The story seems to tall that we must wiedom faithful and honest on our work. Therefore, ultimately Yudhisthira’s himself set out in search of his bother’s following their footprints.

The due respect and love to the brother becomes another important meaning of this story. We learn that we should forsake pride, anger, desires, etc.

From the moral and religious point of view, the story holds tremendous significance. And what about Yudhishthira’s replies to the Yaksha? Despite his overwhelming thirst, Yudhishthira obeys the Yaksha.