Final Thesis or Project Preparation Course. For this subject specifically, I would research the benefits of sparkling water by looking for medicinal journals and articles. Soda Stream is the cheapest alternative to soda in the long run, but the starting price of their cheapest product is about eighty dollars. Portal Webmail Directory Canvas. Each essay is read and evaluated by at least two faculty members in a carefully planned and supervised reading.

Retrieved August 27, If you wish to conduct interviews or surveys as part of your research, discuss this with the HUX Coordinator or your thesis mentor once you have one. Archived from the original on November 2, In these examples, the students had minutes to produce an essay on a topic given them at the test and were not permitted to use dictionaries or other aids. Kevin Klock of Talking Rain Beverage Company does not make health claims about his company’s sparkling water products. Skip to main content.

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Soda companies will notice a change in the vox populi and start manufacturing the same flavors as the sparkling water companies. For this subject specifically, I would research the benefits of sparkling water by looking for medicinal journals and articles.

csudh thesis guide

HUX Contract form. You must submit a form and pay a fee to apply for graduation. The purpose of both courses is to guide your development of a capstone thesis or creative project. The Advisory Board will notify the student of the decision regarding the retest outcome.


Final Thesis or Project Preparation Course. You must do so prior to the term of intended graduation. John Muns, president of the Dominguez Hills Homeowners Association inrecognized that for a community to be selected as the site for a state college was a mark of status and prestige.

csudh thesis guide

HUX Information Sheet. See our Signature Page instructions guids resources. The student will be required to bring acceptable and specified identification. Understanding the iGeneration and the Way They Learn”.

Not all of the information on this page applies to HUX students. Large Colleges and Universities”. He says this is because people buy sparkling water for the taste, not the health factors. This is intended to insure that the research is conducted according to federally accepted standards, and also to protect the privacy rights of those interviewed or surveyed, and also to protect the privacy rights of those interviewed or surveyed.

SodaStream is betting big that interest in sparkling water continues to grow. Retrieved 8 October California State University Police Department. After your committee has reviewed and approved your thesis, it will be returned to you for the required changes.

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It has a way to go before it catches up to soda, but sparkling water is indeed having a moment. Now, for the first time, soda consumption has declined by nearly twenty-five percent, while sparkling water consumption has gone up to balance the gukde. Pepper, and Sprite all come in flavor variations such as Cherry and Vanilla, and stores like Rocket Fizz carry an infinite number of soda flavors. Klock’s reasoning for the change towards sparkling water is that people only drank soda for the caffeine and bubbles.


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Tech insiders on why you should care”. HUX students must follow this guide closely in preparing their capstone thesis or project. Note that the scale is very different from the chart above, with soda sales still dwarfing sparkling water sales. Sparkling Water is the New Soda Write a well-developed essay in which you address the topic as it is raised in the reading.

Kevin Klock, CEO of Talking Rain Beverage Company feels, however, that health concerns are not the major factor in the increase gukde sparkling water, but rather because consumers find these products enjoyable — they prefer the taste.

csudh thesis guide

Gide sure to discuss with your mentor your planned graduation date and the timing necessary to achieve it. Your research plan, including your exact interview or survey form, must be approved by our IRB before you can conduct the interviews or surveys. Women surpass men at CSU”. The public will eventually recognize this hypocrisy, turn away from sparkling water, and maybe even turn back to soda.