Each subtest is scored separately. In California, required program components for English learners at all grade levels include which of the following? Have students collect a variety of vascular and nonvascular plants and then compile a data table listing their characteristics. New York Knicks coaches. Guided discussion and contextualization to clarify the meaning of key vocabulary are two key methods for developing schema and promoting listening comprehension. You will not be penalized for guessing.

Be sure to allocate your time carefully, so you are able to complete the entire test within the testing session. Test takers will get two emails after successfully signing up: You should answer all questions. Test takers will be given one hour, 30 minutes to complete this subtest. The score points on the holistic scoring scale reflect the extent to which the examinee demonstrates the knowledge and skills included in the set of performance characteristics that have been defined as important for the assignment. The 3 practice tests, 3 essays and explanations of the answers are really helpful in dissecting strategies and examples, giving a genuine view of how the test will look. The teacher uses guided discussion and contextualization to clarify the meaning of key vocabulary.

New Beginnings University of East London. The teacher also ensures that all students learn the names and functions of the various objects.

Sample Test Questions for CTEL 1

Work skill instruction form. Test takers may be expected to apply critical thinking to the questions given. Select the Next button to continue. A group of elementary beginninglevel English learners has difficulty pronouncing a particular English phoneme.

Include language objectives in each lesson specifically related to the technical vocabulary and contentspecific language structures used in the lesson. Creating a graphic organizer that provides a concrete visual outline of each text structure further facilitates students’ understanding of different essay types and also provides them with a tool for helping them construct their own essays.


Using meaningful texts is effective in promoting English literacy because the students can understand and internalize better the themes or concepts they are reading about when they already have qusstions schema to build on. Using realia from cultures outside of the United States will tend to delay the English learners’ assimilation into U.

ctel sample essay questions

Students in an early-advanced ELD class frequently make mistakes in their writing similar to the one underlined above. Also, they can figure out and remember new vocabulary better when the context is familiar and when they can associate new words with things they already know. Did they pronounce it right? Answers for these questions should be in long form, much like a typical five-paragraph essay. The cost to take an individual subtest varies.

CTEL: 1 – Constructed Response – CTEL Official Study Guide and Mometrix sample questions

Assessment and Instruction, including a description of the test structure, sample test directions, sample multiple-choice questions and annotated responses, and sample constructed-response esssy with sample responses and scoring information. The final version of your responses should conform to the conventions of edited American English.

ctel sample essay questions

Ctdl the students with a brief outline of key facts about the topic, instead of having them read a text. One way that you as a teacher can help address this situation is to set up a teacher sharing group in your school that is devoted to the topic of differentiating instruction for English learners, where teachers share instructional strategies they have found effective.

You should answer all questions. Scoring Scale Scores will be assigned to each response to the assignment according to the following scoring scale.

The Assessment and Instruction subtest contains 62 questions two constructed response, and 60 multiple choice. You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users.


Add this document to collection s. Language and Language Development 8. The practice of teaching students to group or classify vocabulary and terminology according to semantic and syntactic attributes provides them with cognitive tools for comprehending and remembering new language and concepts in a variety of academic contexts.

A teacher can most effectively promote English learners’ fluent language use by implicitly correcting only those errors that interfere significantly with the meaning of a message. Also, before starting beginning-level reading instruction the teacher needs to make sure that the students have developed adequate phonemic awareness, understanding of the alphabetic principle, and some knowledge of English letter-sound correspondence.

The CTEL study guide reviews below are examples of customer experiences. Are most English learners in your school working at grade level in reading, writing, listening, and speaking?

CTEL Practice Test (updated ) CTEL Exam Review

Association questoins governing bodies. Studies have shown that a person’s community can have a major effect on their lives, but the reverse is also true. How to Write a Good Case Study. Language and Language Development Information About the Constructed-Response Question Each examinee’s typed response to the constructed-response question will be scored using a method known as focused holistic scoring. However, virtually every teacher will have at least essa effective strategy that they can share and this will be very empowering and motivating for them.

I love how each topic is broken down into small sections.

ctel sample essay questions

Choose a text written for a lower grade level so that the text’s level of language matches the students’ English proficiency level.