There is no generic guidance regarding constraints on report length or whether hand-written documents would be accepted or not, but word-processed documents with properly typeset equations are recommended. Any special arrangements for module practical work will usually be described during the first module lecture. The coversheet includes a declaration, which you must sign, that all coursework submitted is your own work. Your selection must be finalised each term by midnight on Wednesday of week one. You are required to read these handouts before lab sessions, and perform any activity required by the Lab Leader as a preparation for the lab. The coversheet includes a declaration, which you must sign, that all coursework submitted is your own work. The coversheet highlight the criteria for marking and guides the marker during the assessment of the report.

Dates for specific modules will be posted online during the Lent term. Guidance on report writing Part II coursework is assessed not only on technical content but also on report-writing and exposition skills. Any special arrangements for module practical work will usually be described during the first module lecture. This schedule allows LT0 to empty and refill at 11am. Note that the modules available may vary slightly from year to year. There are also conditions specific to professional institutions accreditation.

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Part IIB guide Not logged in. Although you are not required to finalise your choice of modules straight away it is important, if at all possible, to attend the first timetabled period of any module of interest since it is then that the leader will give a general description of its content. Some lab leaders display marks alongside the lab booking sheets, but it is important that you retain all your marked coursework, in case of later query, and for scrutiny by the external examiners.


Sign-up may be on-line or on a signing sheet. The deadline for booking your ExA for either Michaelmas or Lent is Wednesday of week 1 in Michaelmas Term Full technical reports FTRs You must submit a total of two full technical reports, at least one of which must be in the Michaelmas term.

The marked module lab report should be included as an appendix to the completed FTR. Where appropriate, supplementary information will be issued throughout the year. Make sure you keep a copy of your module or project work before submitting it for inspection as no work will be returned to students.

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This gives time for it to be marked and returned to you before you write your FTR. These pages are maintained by course lecturers.

cued iib coursework

There might be copyright restrictions to the course material; any use of the course content that is not related to students education is not allowed. Guidance on module choices for students wishing to qualify in particular engineering areas can be found here. If you do complete more than eight eligible pieces of coursework, your best courseworrk marks will be carried forward towards your Part IIA coursework credit total.

The Lent term FTR must be submitted by 4pm on Iub of week 9 ie the Wednesday following the end of the Lent term and will be marked over the Easter vacation. The following modules are known to have limited places. It is your responsibility to enter your CCN onto the coversheet of anonymous coursework. The progress of each undergraduate is measured by Tripos examinations and by assessed coursework. Please remember to remove your name from lab signing sheets if you change your module choice.

A total length of pages would coursewirk considered standard.

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Signing up for labs Most labs have a booking system but a few have a restricted rota or experiments that are available only for a limited period. A coversheet will be issued that contains details of the procedure for coursework submission. See the facilities and rules page for information about access to the Department, departmental doursework and facilities such as the computer system and Language Unit etc.


Submissions on Moodle will preserve your anonymity where required.

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See the report writing guide for generic guidance. Please refer to the Faculty Board list of modules and sets for the definitive list.

cued iib coursework

Module administration Queries about particular IIB modules should be addressed to the module uib in the first instance as detailed in the syllabus.

The coversheet includes a declaration, which you must sign, that all coursework submitted is your own work. Experiments typically involve 2 hours in the lab, working individually or in pairs, with a hour individual write-up although some modules may have special arrangements.

Students may be required to sign up for experiments etc during the second lecture to be assured of a place. For modules where a ballot is normally needed, this information should be available to students on syllabuses and other documents.

The following table supplements the Part IIB coursework and examination credit notice. This group includes the surveying field course which takes place in the summer vacation preceding Part IIBmathematical modulesand foreign language modules which lead on from language skills developed in the Part IIA Easter term language projects. You are reminded that you must keep safe all your Cooursework IIB coursework as you must submit it for scrutiny by the examiners at the end of the Easter term.