Another thing to bear in mind is that I think this is an exercise in proposing a piece of research. Section A, 58 2 , — That will give me all of September and the first week of October to revise for the exam on 6th October. Recall was had to be! Whenever you do this, link the word to its definition.

Only 1, answers were submitted for the questions in the first section, 1, for the second section, and 1, for the third section. Levels of processing versus transfer appropriate processing. Whenever you do this, link the word to its definition. This sounds like a lot of work but using the Zotero browser plugin you this only about 5 minutes per item. This is easily missed under the more formal conditions where you have to construct an argument to answer an essay question.

OU essay guidance often poses a number of questions which help you to address the essay question. This sounds like a lot of work but using the Litersture browser plugin you this only about 5 minutes per item.

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Why is this problem interesting? It also gives a structure for the introduction and conclusion. A sound wave moving down the length of a tube bounces back when it reaches the opening at the other end.

dd303 literature review

The moral turns out to be: I started to use abbreviations methodically when I realised how helpful they are when testing your recall during revision and for writing exam answer plans. That gives me a pass 2 for this module and a 2: I took a week off to recover after residential school and am now playing catch up to get back on schedule though finding out that I can get away with not knowing the content of the chapters currently being studied in order to tackle the exam effectively is affecting my motivation.


Also, because it tends to be a solitary activity I think you need to explicitly engage this type of thinking. I might include this chapter as a wild card in my exam strategy since I covered it in detail for my final philosophy essay.

dd303 literature review

The other is to see if the reasons others have found it interesting also interest you. I pay special attention to key terms in preparation for writing them in my own words. Week 24 looked at judgement and decision making and covered a lot of the same ground that I had already studied as part of the rationality sections of my philosophy course. It also has a number of other benefits.

The research question I had chosen was one specifically suggested in literaature booklet giving all of the various options as something that would be valid and worth studying. Section headings are sometimes useful to add as key terms. Speaking as a marker, one of the most frustrating things is knowing that the student is not talking to a reader but is just getting things down on paper because they have to!

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Next I create a word processor document for the chapter and scan the PDF chapter for keywords, adding them to the first column of my key terms table.

I looked at exam questions when I was coming up with ideas for visual note-taking and thought it would be useful at revision time to be able to quickly scan notes to look at them from different perspectives methods, populations etc.

There were no definitive answers to this, and the chapter ended up concluding that different theories might be used for different purposes and at different times. This next example is a re-working of a table towards the bottom of the image I used last year to represent the explanation p for the puzzling findings of the Word Length Effect and the Phonetic Similarity Effect.


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Somewhat short OU guidance on how to conduct a literature review. I took the opportunity last week to sneak ahead a little bit, finishing off the final chapter of the textbook on applying cognitive psychology. It was interesting to see how the questions broke down in terms of attempts and marks. Journal of Llterature Learning and Verbal Behavior, 16 5— I think there are two approaches to resolving this.

I was reminded by one of the talks at ilterature school that formulating arguments in everyday conversation is more or less effortless.

The role of phonology in visual word comprehension: I was wondering when I would get this TMA back as it is the literature review and research question I will be investigating at residential school in 10 days, and I wanted to know whether I was on litterature right track. This has turned out to be harder than I thought it would. Only the one journal article, which was mercifully short and pretty much just presented evidence of how children are essentialists. After blasting through week 24 on decision making and judgements it was more familiar material for week 25 looking at reasoning.

It might give you some general ideas for how to visually compare the findings from two studies. After going back to the literarure board given my initial design problems I came up with rationales for two different experiments. The result of my reiew module, DD To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: