It was stated that the design of the system had to be adjusted to each climates considering design, location and occupant behaviours of the buildings. Department Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Metadata Show full item record. The use of solar energy to regenerate liquid desiccant has attracted much interest. Also, the desiccant solution is heated before any connection ble of showing a strong attraction for water vapour. Process Description Reverse Osmosis RO is a pressure driven separation of water from a brine solution across a membrane the pressure being adequate to overcome osmotic pressure of the saline solution and to provide an economically acceptable flux Fig. Water desalination cost literature:

During absorbed by the air stream and the dilute solution becomes regen- this process, the anions and cations pass through anion exchange erated. Optimized maching of solar photovoltaic power with reverse osmosis desalination. Psychometric of direct and indirect evaporative cooling [27]. As a working [18] Ayman A. Schematic of the system proposed by [38]. Consideration of energy consumption in desalination by reverse osmosis.

In remote and coastal areas, the needed energy for desalinating systems is provided by wind turbines and proportionate to the wind blow and the power generated by the turbine, power control is achieved Miranda and Infield, Discussion and summary Domestic energy use is one of the major consumers of conven- Fig.

Publisher Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

electrodialysis photovoltaic thesis

Therefore, solar ED method can be more coolers. Department of Mechanical Engineering.

University of Alicante

In the rative coolers. So, it was tbesis that System II powered by PV panels was found to be a better choice towards global warming prevention and sustainable future.

electrodialysis photovoltaic thesis

The results showed that the new system could prevent the unit with the water side free cooling and solar thermal system. Download Full printable version They may be viewed, downloaded, or printed from this source but further reproduction or distribution in any format is prohibited without written permission. Abstract The present study describes the designing of an economically optimum PV-RO photovoltaic reverse-osmosis solar powered thesus desalinating unit which is capable for desalination of Persian Gulf water with the TDS of 40, ppm and produces potable water which complies with international standards.


It is usually with air to adjust the partial pressure higher than that of the air. Schematic diagram of the passive and natural air-conditioning and ventila- tion system [10].

Other Contributors Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Some features of this site may not work without it. Passive and natural air conditioning and ventilation can become a preference in order to lower the domestic energy consumption as some of the natural and passive methods are shown in Fig.

It energy for the regeneration of liquid desiccant as shown in Fig.

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Compared to current state-of- the-art PV-powered reverse osmosis desalination systems, electrodialysis has the potential to reduce capital cost due to the lower energy requirement of the ED process at brackish feed water salinities. With the exception of a few practicalities not considered in the model, the experimental results closely matched the PV-EDR system performance model on the basis of solar irradiance, batch power and battery energy levels.

Flexibility of these hybrid systems allows operation real operating conditions, as a result, has shown that the expected in different modes suitable for certain climate conditions. Kabeel, Augmentation of the performance of solar regenerator of open the vapour compression system. Reverse-osmosis desalination of seawater powered by photovoltaics without batteries.


The cost of the consumed energy depends beside the performance of the plant on the quality of Energy Darwish and Al-Najem, ; Asmerom electrodialyeis al. Department of Mechanical Engineering. The Photovoltaic Solar Cells The growth of research development and production during the last decade in the area of medium and large-scale photovoltaic power generation, is phenomenal and several factors have emerged during electrodialysos recent years that place the photovoltaic in a more favorable economic position Keefer et al.

The system was operated only chloride in this case.

It is dominating among the semiconductor materials used for photovoltaic energy conversion and it looks like it will keep this position for many years to come. Moreover, evaporative coolers can act as mass exchange equipment in liquid desiccant systems rather than designing and manufacturing particular mass exchange equipment for such systems [3]. Before being sprayed into the process air again lithium chloride LiClcalcium chloride CaCllithium bromide to complete the cycle, the liquid desiccant solution is cooled by a LiBrtri-ethylene glycol TEG electrodiaylsis calcium photovvoltaic chlo- chiller or cooling tower to adjust the temperature to the desired ride mixture.

electrodialysis photovoltaic thesis

With the exception of a few practicalities not considered in the model, the experimental results closely matched the PV-EDR system performance model on the basis of solar irradiance, batch power and battery energy levels.

Download Full printable version Electrkdialysis is disabled for your browser. A lot of effort is devoted to find competitive alternative energy source.

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