Log in to add a comment. The “Kala Mandir” is also located in the fort. The whole of the Golconda Fort complex and its surrounding spreads across 11 km of total area, and discovering its every nook is an arduous task. This page was last edited on 17 May , at Divided into four district forts, the architectural valour still gleams in each of the apartments, halls, temples, mosques, and even stables. These structures are made of beautifully carved stonework, and surrounded by landscaped gardens.

Each of these bastions was surmounted by cannons of varying caliber rendering the fort impregnable and strong among the forts of the medieval Deccan. The fort was renowned for its diamond trade and it is said that the world famous “Kohinoor” diamond was found here. The ventilation of the fort is absolutely fabulous having exotic designs. List of institutions List of schools. The mines brought riches to the Qutb Shahis of Hyderabad State , who ruled Golkonda up to , then to the Nizam of Hyderabad , who ruled after the independence from the Mughal Empire in until , when the Indian integration of Hyderabad occurred.

The area above the door has peacocks with ornate tails flanking an ornamental arched niche. The design of peacocks and lions is a blend of Hindu — Muslim architecture. The two individual pavilions on the outer side of Golkonda are also major attractions of the fort. The region is known for the mines that have produced some of the world’s im famous gems, including the Koh-i-Noorim Hope DiamondNassak Diamond and the Noor-ul-Ain.

It remained the capital of the Qutb Shahi dynasty until when the capital was shifted to Hyderabad.


Pratapa Rudra of Kakatiya dynasty in 16th century. It also has two mosques which have motifs from not only from Hinduism in form of lotus but also from various branches of Islam like Shia and Sunni. The 13th century Golconda Fort was built by the Kakatiya kings.

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I want a free account. It is a very big fort and if you really want to enjoy your tour I strongly recommend you hire one of the licensed guides on the premises. The facade consists of five arches, each with lotus medallions in the spandrels. This prevented elephants and soldiers during enemy attacks from having a proper ramp to run and break the gate.

Kancharla Gopanna, popularly known as Bhaktha Ramadaasu, a devout Hindu who constructed Bhadrachalm temple without informing the sultan at that time Tana Shah, teluggu kept in a jail located inside the fort. Having trouble with your homework? What is the difference between Indian and Islamic style of architecture?

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How about receiving a customized one? Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! The fort encompassed an entire city within itself, the ruins of which can be seen today as well.

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In the 16th century, Golkonda was the capital and fortress city of the Qutb Shahi kingdom, near Hyderabad. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! This worked as a warning note to the Royals in case of an attack. The technique that was used was of advanced acoustics.


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This majestic structure has beautiful palaces and an ingenious water supply system. The fort was rebuilt and strengthened by Rani Rudrama Devi and her successor Prataparudra.

It started as a mud fort where shepherds used to come with cattle hence the name -Gwala Konda or Shepherd hill in the Telugu the local language.

Not sure about the answer? Retrieved from ” https: Much thought went in to building this gate.

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The city was home to one of the most powerful Muslim sultanates in the region and was the center of a flourishing diamond trade. The entrance gates of the fort are colossal and are fitted with iron spikes to thwart elephants from damaging them.

It is excellent if you just want to do some hiking also. The outer most wall was provided with a deep moat all around covering a vast area of the town with a circumference of 7 km. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

essay on golconda fort in telugu

What is National Mission on Manuscripts? The beginnings of the fort date towhen the Hindu Kakatiya dynasty ruled the area. The palaces, factories, water supply system and the famous “Rahban” cannon, within the fort are some of the major attractions.