Koper [41 ] derived mathematically three possibilities for negative resistances from the Butler-Volmer equation see Eq. By simulation of impedance spectroscopy, spectra of the model are obtained and compared with the measurement. All the fields are required so please make sure you complete them all otherwise we won’t be able to send your message. Username Password I forgot my password. Equivalent circuits for continuous left and discontinuous coatings right applied to the negative electrode.

Die Automobilindustrie steht vor einer Wende. Researcher Academy Author Services Try out personalized alert features. The approach potentially requires a higher filter and transformer effort, which can be partly compensated by the choice of operating modes or variations of the switching frequency. The interpretation of the series resistance at the intersection of the real axis is similar to that of the negative electrode. To send an email to Dirk Uwe Sauer please complete the short form below. Schiller, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry

Heinz was also a personal friend to many of us. Step 3 is the chemical sulphation reaction, which is not directly visible in the impedance spectra, only if concentration limitation becomes significant. Simulated spectra of the circuit in Fig.

As already mentioned in Section 2. Electrode processes resulting in capacitive semicircles are charge transfer, chemical reactions and ieea see chapter 3. The surface is completely covered within seconds.

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Kontakt Redaktion Publizieren Administration. His team currently consists of approximately 70 full time scientists, engineers and technicians, as well as approximately 80 students working on their bachelor and master thesis or as student assistants. It is caused by the limited conductivity of all components of the battery.


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Perrot, Electrochimica Acta 48 11 Sadkowski, Electrochimica Acta 49 14 Charge-transfer processes together with the double-layer capacitance result in capacitive semicircles [10]. CiteScore values are based on citation counts in a given year e.

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In fact, a small capacitive semicircle at high frequencies can sometimes be observed at the positive rwty. In summary, the proposed operation concept offers the possibility to achieve high efficiencies for a wide voltage and power range.

isea rwth thesis

Erne, Journal of the Electrochemical Society 7 Lindbergh [13] related the increasing semicircle of a porous lead electrode with depth of discharge to the decreasing active surface. There is no need to register for this lecture as there are no credits to be earned. Ultimately, the concept enhances the suitability of 3ph-DAB converters for a thedis range of applications.

Illustration of surface coverage 6, which is the covered surface fraction, andwhich is the uncovered surface fraction. Its size changes with SOC, i. He followed this by earning an engineering degree from the Cologne University of Applied Science.

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Impedance spectra of lead-acid battery electrodes The impedance of complete lead-acid batteries, positive and negative electrodes as well as of lead and lead dioxide has been studied under various conditions. An extensive literature survey until can be found in the dissertation of Karden [1 ]. Afterwards, an interpretation of the high-frequency capacitive semicircle is given. However, simulations have shown that this possibility is quite unlikely.


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Spinelli, Journal of Power Sources 95 Mattera, Journal of Power Sources 2 In literature, two kinds of coatings are distinguished: From to he was also managing director of the “Club for Rural Electrification”, an industrial lobby group pushing for electrification for people in regions without grid connection world-wide. This is illustrated in the following with two exemplary rwyh of parameters.

Publishing your article with us has many benefits, such as having access to a personal dashboard: Journal of Energy Storage.

Hence, if A rj DC iseea negative, the lower-frequency semicircle is inductive and if it is positive, the semicircle is capacitive. Arvia, Electrochimica Acta 39 3 Course of reaction during discharge as in Fig. This free service is available to anyone who has published and whose publication is in Scopus.