Human languages, to the extent they are intertranslatable, can be regarded as different conventional realisations of the same underlying rules Searle , It shows how they highlight different aspects in investigation, and how they can be combined to gain more comprehensive insights, and thereby invigorate renewed debate in the field. According to the original coun- terrevolutionary act, any acts of trying to overthrow CCP power or to shake the socialist system should be considered as counterrevolutionary. The stakes and costs of resistance can vary greatly from one political system to another, and also from one time to another within the same system. Speech act theory is at the heart of critical inquiry within the field of International Relations. If we look at the entire securitization process, we will also note that sometimes the securitizing speech act changes shape, and different strands of securitization are used as the process goes on. Under the tion while Buzan et al.

Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. How are encounters with the strange imagined in terms of representation, representativeness, and mediation? Asymmetrical Concepts after Reinhart Koselleck: Using the Democracy Wall movement of and the Student Democracy Movement of as its cases, the article shows how various identity frames, which both the movements and the authorities produce in their interactions, can be seen as attempts both to legitimize protest and make it illegitimate through security discourse. Introducing colours to visual security studies more. Security, Resilience, and Desecuritization: Edited by Joseph Y.

Essential Counts as an undertaking to the effect that the protests content were a counterrevolutionary rebellion by nature.

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Desecuritizing the movement viori be more conducive to political reform in China, which has in practice been frozen since June Fourth. This has been the preferred method of imprisoning Falun Gong members, in addition to sending them to mental hospitals.

On the other hand, there seems to be similarities in the logic that guides the behaviour of states in security issues.


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Massakulttuuri ja ulkopolitiikka siis muodostavat intertekstin. This has a lot to do with how the formulations are adopted as lines or guiding principles fangzhen and with the process of disseminating this orthodoxy Shambaugh Our analysis of crowdsourced lists of filtered words Desecuritization Strategies There has been a vibrant discussion68 within the field of security studies on the social processes that construct security issues.

However, in addition to constitutive rules, securitization is dependant on cultural factors the conventions of illocutionswhich may be unique to political systems or cultures Empirical vignettes are employed throughout our discussion to illustrate key points of our argument.

juha vuori dissertation

Because securitisation is a powerful act, it is not in its nature to be hidden, even though secrecy is a major attribute of security policies. This leads to them placing an overwhelming emphasis on ideological juya. This must not be confused with insecurity: By referring to the bad influence of foreign powers and to a small group of evildoers, who had mislead the masses, the speech gathers up evidence for the claim of the counterrevolutionary nature of the incident.

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The government was very sensitive towards all protest as the tenth anniversary of the military operation against the Tiananmen protests was nearing. I Claim table 5: This has been the general question that has guided the inquiry reported on in this Licentiate dissertation.

In China, the leadership chose to disperse the protest by using force47 and to maintain official truths and the myth of the Communist Party. The first part of the article introduces the theory of securitization. Miten normatiivisuus nivoutuu oppialan empiiriseen tutkimukseen? Also western companies like Microsoft, Yahoo and Google have ujha See for example www.

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Many thanks to those whose critiques and comments have made my arguments stronger. As the cases presented in this dissertation belong to the political sector of security, and represent ideological threats, they provide the greatest contrast to democratic values and are relevant for revealing the differences and similarities of securitisation disxertation democratic and non-democratic systems. Essential Counts as an undertaking to the effect that C represents an actual state of affairs.


The objectivist strategy is premised on a traditional objective-subjec- tive understanding of security: How does securitisation work in the context of a non-democratic political system?

Juha Lehtonen and Custodian: The theories of identity frames and securitization are combined to produce a framework that can be used to analyze and conceptualize rhetorical interaction between protest movements and authorities.

If these core values include the ones contained in the model, the nature of the system has remained totalitarian, but if the referent objects would differ, juhha analysis would suggest system erosion or even change. Such discussions are necessary in order to apply the frameworks in investigations that go beyond the socio-political context they were originally developed in.

juha vuori dissertation

Reversals of the historical verdicts of Party personages like Liu Shaoqi and certain events like Tiananmen have been major political events. The requirements of securitization outside the speech act itself contain two elements: The security status of previously securitized issues must also now and then be maintained and reproduced.

This is why it is necessary to study the process of securitization: Conclusions Deng strived to justify the dispersion of the protests by using force on the fourth of June by using a security argument. Claim speech act in securitisation derived from Searle Convincing research programmes often use a variety of data from cases in different contexts; in order to reach a wider dissedtation, the models and hypothesis of securitization studies have to be applied to broad groups of cases.