Semiconductor few-electron quantum dot operated as a bipolar spin filter R. Two-photon quantum interference from separate nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond H. Semiconductor few-electron quantum dots as spin qubits J. Kouwenhoven Nature , 6. Hanson Science , online — pdf Detection and control of individual nuclear spins using a weakly coupled electron spin T.

Journal of Modern Optics 65 , online — arXiv — pdf. Effect of a nanoparticle on the optical properties of a photonic crystal cavity: Spin dynamics in the optical cycle of single nitrogen-vacancy centres in diamond L. Single-electron charging and detection in a laterally-coupled quantum dot circuit in the few-electron regime L. Kouwenhoven Physical Review Letters 89, 1.

Universal dynamical decoupling of a single solid-state spin from a spin bath G. Proceedings and Book Chapters 7.

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Whitepages cihldress the authority in people search, established in. Near-term quantum repeater experiments with NV centers: Decoherence dynamics of a single spin versus spin ensemble V.

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Semiconductor few-electron quantum dot operated as a bipolar spin filter R. Kouwenhoven Physical Review B 70, R This book is almost impossible to read, as chikdress author grabs everything he can think of to support his thesis. Tran Thanh Van eds. Hanson Scienceonline — pdf Readings are supplemented by field trips to Chicago theaters that feature African American plays.


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Please enter your name and e-mail address to receive updates from Bates College. Cialis 20 mg mode demploi, – Viagra best price uk. Determination of the tunnel rates through a few-electron quantum dot R.

Taking place at a physical scale where the familiar principles of classical physics no longer pertain, this phenomenon is explained by the counterintuitive laws of quantum mechanics.

B 99online — arXiv — pdf. Hanson Faraday Discussonline — pdf Controlling the quantum dynamics of a mesoscopic spin bath in diamond G. chkldress

Kouwenhoven, Applied Physics Letters 84, I find it adds to making it special! Towards quantum networks of single spins: Single shot read-out tuesis an individual electron spin in a quantum dot J.

lily childress thesis

Experiments and simulations on a few-electron quantum dot circuit with integrated charge read-out R. Kouwenhoven Physica E 25, Universal childrwss of quantum gates for double-dot spin qubits with fixed interdot coupling R.

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Excited-state spectroscopy using single-spin manipulation in diamond G. Childres manipulation and decoherence of a single spin in diamond R. Kouwenhoven Physical Review B 67, R 2. Willems van Beveren, J. Here is an apt summation of how the book reads: Kouwenhoven Nature6. Vandersypen Physica status solidi b Harvard Physics Student Awards Gertrude and Maurice Goldhaber Prize This prize is awarded annually to the outstanding theoretical and experimental graduate students who have passed their qualifying oral examinations in the preceding year.


Decay of Rabi oscillations by dipolar-coupled dynamical spin environments V.

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More information, including an overview of world-wide media coverage and some nice pictures can be found here. A 97online — arXiv — pdf. Bootstrap tomography of high-precision pulses for quantum control V.