Retaking of the project description and exam: Armed with estimates of the actual response in speed and accidents, one can evaluate time costs towards the costs related to accidents. A thesis completed and approved during the summer may be deposited on or before August 20 for September graduation. It should include your name, your CV and a short note on why you would like to write your master thesis on this subject. In all empirical studies, you should: The strong correlation between education and health, even after controlling for income, has been recognized as a robust empirical observation in the social sciences and economic literature Deaton and Paxson ; Lleras-Muney What is the economic and financial importance for the companies involved?

Price index statistics constructed by Statistics Norway. Consider a dynamic bargaining problem between a buyer and a seller in exhaustible-resource markets. What is the economic scale of these operations? How to not sell technologies? No ink insertions are allowed except for diacritical marks not accommodated by standard word processing software.

Gender differences in labour markets Background: REDD-initiatives, which seek to reduce deforestation in developing countries, represent part of the policy response by countries like Germany and Norway. What is the economic mastet financial importance for the companies involved? Retaking of the project description and exam: The purpose of the methodology chapter is to give an experienced investigator enough information to replicate the study.

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Differences between co-localised and dispersed networks. Eco-label is an important market-based policy tool to promote sustainability in fisheries. Seafood eco-labels mefhodology that the harvesting process of the seafood satisfies certain sustainability requirements.


What impact does carbon leakage have on the optimal choice of environmental policy? All in one place! It is even extraordinary for the usual individual who needs to accomplish a few statures in the field of research.

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NHH is a publicly funded university and charges no application or tuition tor. Please also send any questions you might have regarding the project to Adriana.

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How did the economy and financial markets respond to the introduction of these rules? Despite the fact that great gender convergence in employment is observed in labour markets, large gender differences remain.

The work appears to have required a master modest amount of work and seems fragmented Shows some independent ability to analyse master sources of information, but depends on relatively close supervision in order to formulate academic arguments.

Maste policy covers the players during the recognised competition time or during club approved training.

methodology for master thesis nhh

Again, the uncertainty regarding the outcome will be an important dimension to discuss. You could study questions at the national level for Norway or another country, or internationally. The student who plans to graduate in the Spring semester, should begin thinking about the Masters Project topic as early as possible, but no later than in early Fall of the preceding year.

In terms of methodology, the thesis would methodolpgy modern econometric techniques and would be an excellent way to get comfortable with current quasi-experimental techniques in empirical economics.

methodology for master thesis nhh

List of thesis topics. Minimum required Quantitative Reasoning score: In the spring semester when the course is offered in Norwegian, it is possible to submit your exam in Norwegian and English. The project might combine insights from analytical approaches discussed in Tirole with the empirical literature discussed in the book by Rajan and Zingales.


You might use Apple or another firm as a motivating example for a study of how firms might organize sales and purchases of technologies? This journey can bring you into whole new realm of possibilities to research.

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The thesis has good form, structure and language. Master Thesis The goals of the thesis are not clearly described, or are not described at all. Choosing the literature topic is just the key to getting started.

Hi, everybody, well, a graduate thesis methodology could be different and it also depends on the field of research. Einav L and A Finkelstein Selection in insurance markets: Data can be accessed in cooperation with a research project by Astrid Kunze.

How to not sell technologies? A more nuanced question would be to investigate the existence and sources of heterogeneity of these impacts, such as fkr management practices, which have not been looked at substantially before in a cross-country framework due to lack of data.

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