September of Senior Year The purpose of the thesis proposal is to help you organize and define your topic and to inform International Relations faculty about who is working with whom and on what subjects. Saturday, March 31, Working on your thesis will likely be the most challenging experience you have had, and may well be the most rewarding. Beginning with a broad and diffuse topic risks having the thesis grow beyond manageable bounds. In accordance with College rules, the examining committee makes a recommendation to the Politics Department, and the Department in turn makes a recommendation to the Academic Administrative Board. A Member of the.

This is a brief description of what you plan to do, how you will do it, and why it is important. Senior Year — Fall Semester In the fall of your senior year you should Create a syllabus for yourself and begin meeting with your advisor once a week. The honors program provides students the opportunity to conduct original, rigorous analytic work. A Member of the. Copies must be given to all three members of your committee and follow the Formatting instructions.

Honors Thesis and Independent Study

Primary Research An original argument requires primary research if it is to be sustained. Never claim more than the evidence warrants; acknowledge limitations in your research and the merits of counter arguments.

Revise entire project; format; submit to the entire department. An examining committee shall consist of the advisor, a second reader, typically from within the International Relations Department, and an outside reader from either another department at Mount Holyoke College or from another institution in the Five Colleges.


Additional committee members can be added at the discretion of the theis and advisor. Mbc thesis must be done under the direction of an International Relations Department faculty member. Planning ahead can alleviate this problem. Tuesday, January 22, Tthesis does not mean that writing on such a topic is disallowed, or that doing so is impossible; rather, past attempts indicate that it typically involves more work than can feasibly be done in one year.

In order to have their independent work eligible for honors consideration, the student must submit, by one week before the beginning of spring semester classes, a first draft of their independent work to the advisor of their independent work and to the faculty member who would serve as the second reader of an essay later submitted to the Politics Department for honors consideration. Access and Inclusion Jump to content Jump to Navigation. You will be notified immediately following the defense whether you have passed.

Submission of the thesis is followed by a one-hour oral examination by a faculty committee. Committee members will consult and, after a short time, notify the student as to whether or not they are recommending they be awarded honors in RLC based on their thesis and oral examination. Explain the theoretical context for your project, as well the current state of the field. Students who wish to undertake honors work are required to submit a page words proposal to the department by the Monday of the last full week of classes in the spring semester of their junior year.

Because there are many options for what might be included in the project, you must talk with your adviser in depth and agree upon the supporting material that will be necessary. During the senior year you will first define and then answer your question.


mhc honors thesis

Corrected copy of honors essay must be submitted to the Library in electronic format. Will the thesis use qualitative, quantitative, or interpretive methods?

Honors Work | Mount Holyoke College

Once the student has completed her thesis, they will submit copies to members of their committee and schedule their thesis defense usually in late April or early May. A Member of the. The proposal must include:. The links on the left provide additional information.

College rules require that a student complete eight honrs of independent work over two semesters.

mhc honors thesis

If the student is recommended for honors, the committee will also decide what level of honors to recommend to the Academic Administrative Board. Submission of honoors to the department May: Begin by clearly stating your research question and working hypothesis.

Survey the canonical answers to your question. Sunday, June 30, How will your demonstrate your central argument and claims?

Presentation To be persuasive, an essay has to present the evidence in a clear and logical manner. Honors Work in International Relations: What concepts and theories will be used?

Discuss your ideas with a potential adviser and submit the thesis proposal to the Program for approval.