Our work in this area is underpinned by our customer commitment, which articulates for ourselves and our customers what is expected in the delivery of our services. Professional News Complete real-time news for UK equities professionals and active non-professional traders. Infrastructure investment questions for national governments. We have proposed an uncertainty mechanism to cater for this should a material event occur. Outline of potential workstreams 3. We represent over 80 members comprising generators More information.

Environment Our plan supports the decarbonisation of the electricity sector and puts us on track to deliver our environmental legislative obligations. We look forward to evolving the network and the way we manage it to meet our customers and wider stakeholders needs over the coming decade. Output Customer connections Primary deliverable Meeting our licence obligations to deliver timely capacity and connections. Norwegian position on the proposed EU framework for climate and energy policies towards Norwegian position on the proposed EU framework for climate and energy policies towards The EU plays an important role as a global leader in climate policy and has a fundamental interest in strengthening More information. By understanding the distribution of asset condition and criticality across the network and how that relates to average circuit unreliability and Energy Not Supplied, we can manage our large asset population effectively.

We have therefore developed a Whole Life Value process that focuses on all the different aspects of stakeholder needs on a systematic basis. Upgrading our critical IT systems Our complex networks rely heavily on a small number of critical IT systems which help us to operate and manage them 24 hours a day, days a year.

National Grid Gas Transmission s RIIO-T1 business plan overview – PDF

Can you afford not to be in the know? Jochen Kreusel Chapter one: In assessing how much of our proposed spending can be attributed to each of the outputs, we have made some broad assumptions.

Other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those described in this announcement include fluctuations in exchange rates, interest rates and commodity price indices; restrictions in National Grid’s borrowing and debt arrangements, funding costs and access to financing; National Grid’s status as a holding company with no revenue generating operations of its own; inflation; seasonal fluctuations; the funding requirements of its pension schemes and other post-retirement benefit schemes; the loss of key personnel or the ability to attract, train or retain qualified personnel and any disputes arising with its employees or the breach of laws or regulations by its employees; accounting standards, rules and interpretations, including changes of law and accounting standards and other factors that may affect National Grid’s effective rate of tax; and incorrect or unforeseen assumptions or conclusions relating to business development activity.


These reviews and subsequent upgrades will allow us to build in the flexibility that we will need to efficiently operate the transmission networks of the future, as well as increasing our cyber-security.

We forecast we will spend 0. Asset health As with any other type of asset, the condition, reliability and performance of our assets deteriorate with age and use.

National Grid Gas Transmission s RIIO-T1 business plan overview

Some highlights of the South Australia study include: This includes provision of incremental capacity and management of the process to efficiently facilitate new connections to the transmission network, following receipt of a customer signal. The Transport Business Case Introduction to the Wind Energy Roadmap to 25 The development of renewable energy, including both offshore and onshore wind, is central to our energy policy.

Our work in this area is underpinned by our rio commitment, which articulates for nahional and our customers what is expected in the delivery of our services.

To demonstrate a wider range of stakeholder views To engage more with the voluntary sector and local communities To explain the implications of our uncertainty mechanisms on charging volatility To show more clearly how stakeholders have influenced our plans We promised our stakeholders we would discuss our future challenges and plans with them, listen to what they had to say, and act on what they told us.

This, along with our role in facilitating a low-carbon future and shaping UK and European energy policy, will continue to be our core priorities.

national grid gas riio business plan

He has designed policies and initiatives to engage consumers in the market and has used experimental approaches to test these policy interventions.

Maintenance will mitigate against this; however, there will always come a point where replacement or in some cases, refurbishment is the more efficient option. Refer to our Managing risk and uncertainty and Finance annexes We assess the operational, physical investment and commercial options available to us and assess which is the most efficient outcome for consumers.

The strategy for asset health investment is to avoid costly replacement of the primary assets entry points, pipelines, multi-junctions, compressor stations and exit points by maintaining the reliability, performance and gss of the secondary assets.

Our proposal in July What stakeholders said What is in our March plan We will develop the connections and capacity processes to align them and to mitigate against the implications of busineas Planning Act on delivery timescales Stakeholders supported further development of the processes and would like to fully explore and understand a number of options We have proposed a high level process that specifies the steps we will follow in delivering incremental capacity We propose that our obligated lead time to deliver incremental capacity is reduced to 24 months Gas Transmission s RIIO-T1 business plan Naitonal and supply management professionals should More information.


National Grid Gas Riio Business Plan

Outline of potential workstreams 3. Providing capacity to meet our customers requirements We expect to receive market signals for incremental capacity from our customers, and it will be important that we respond to these in a timely and efficient way.

It broadly More information. Norwegian position on the proposed EU framework for climate and energy policies towards The EU plays an important role as a global leader in climate policy and has a fundamental interest in strengthening. Infrastructure investment questions for national governments. For each output, we describe what was included in our July business plan, what our stakeholders have told us is important to them, and what we are proposing in our updated March submission. Purchasing and supply management professionals should.

These take the form of many different types of engagement, from energy industry discussions through our Transporting Britain s Energy process to community engagement in relation to new infrastructure projects.

national grid gas riio business plan

Most of our activities contribute to several outputs, so we have mapped costs to the most significant outputs that each activity delivers. Non load-related activities olan customer-driven replacing and maintaining our assets Non load-related expenditure is driven primarily by the need to manage the ongoing safety, reliability and environmental performance of our asset base.

All information is provided free of charge, ‘as-is’, and you use it at your own risk.

national grid gas riio business plan

The utilisation of gas will remain an efficient approach to space heating, particularly during winter peak demand, and the use of gas fired power stations will provide an economic way to help balance the variability introduced onto the electricity network by wind generation. Customer satisfaction To deliver our part in meeting the UK s climate change targets, we need to be a flexible organisation that is in tune with the market environment and with our customers.

Reliability and availability Stakeholders have told us that the reliability of the transmission network is important and it is not appropriate for this to be reduced with users consequently picking up more risk as a result of a less reliable service.

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