When a student in The Graduate School is alleged to have violated academic integrity in a course outside of The Graduate School, the authority of that school will extend only to determining whether or not the alleged action constitutes a violation of academic integrity and, if so, to the imposition of a grade penalty by the instructor in the course. A limited number of introductory courses taken prior to formal acceptance into the secondary degree program may be accepted to satisfy graduate degree or residency requirements, if approved by The Graduate School and the secondary program. The following notations are ignored in computing the grade point average: Programs must extend program-specific deadlines by the same length. The Northwestern University Student Handbook describes the expectations for behavior and conduct in the Northwestern community and outlines the procedures to be followed when these expectations are not met. At the end of the approved leave period, the student must petition for reinstatement through the Dean of Students office. PhD students who, in exceptional cases, have received written approval of the program and Dean of The Graduate School to study on a part time basis must meet all degree requirements, including residency, coursework, and milestones.

Admission to The Graduate School does not constitute or guarantee a student’s admission to candidacy for the PhD degree. Leaves of absence are defined as a temporary separation from the University for a minimum of one quarter and a maximum of one year. This leave of absence is separate from the parental accommodation policy and may be taken in addition to a parental accommodation. Traveling scholars remain registered at their home universities, paying the regular tuition and fees charged when they are in residence. The Graduate School notifies students of probation status on a quarterly basis. Students receiving financial support administered by the University must be enrolled during the summers.

The process to petition for a family leave of absence is as follows:.


northwestern tgs dissertation guidelines

Those residing in localities where legal adoption is not an option but who are assuming parental responsibilities and otherwise meet the eligibility criteria are covered by this policy.

Dissertations document the discoveries, findings and insights gained through University-supported research.

PhD Degree Requirements: The Graduate School – Northwestern University

Programs must extend program-specific deadlines by the same length. Study for a specified time and accumulation of credit toward residency for courses taken are not by themselves sufficient to earn the PhD degree. Have at least a 3. Visits of traveling scholars may not exceed two semesters or three quarters regardless of the number of courses taken.

Approved leaves of absence or parental accommodation may alter the residency timeline. All proven cases of academic guideilnes will be penalized as appropriate under the circumstances.

northwestern tgs dissertation guidelines

At least two members of the committee, including the chair, must be members of the Northwestern University Graduate Faculty. All active students in The Graduate School must be registered at Northwestern University in each of the fall, winter and spring quarters until all degree requirements have been completed.

Traveling scholars are not billed tuition by the host institution, but may be assessed fees for certain services or benefits. Graduate students are expected to be full-time students conducting their studies and research. A student can be excluded dismissed by a program when:. Deadlines Monday, October 15, The proposal should illuminate what the grant reviewer is meant guidelinea note when looking at these samples.

When that situation occurs permission to receive remuneration must be requested. Once a matter has been referred to the Associate Dean, it may not be withdrawn without approval, nor may the complainant resolve the case independently.

Acquisition of research materials unavailable locally or via microfilms, photographs, photocopies, etc. Only students who yuidelines been officially admitted and matriculated into The Graduate School diswertation register for courses to earn credits toward a Graduate School degree.


International students taking a leave of absence for medical reasons and with documentation from a healthcare provider will need to receive approval from the International Office and may be eligible to remain in the country for up to 12 months while on leave. A minimum of three individuals must serve on the prospectus committee. Assuming all degree requirements have been met, a Certificate of Completion can be generated in business days.

northwestern tgs dissertation guidelines

Student s charged with academic misconduct will participate in a meeting during which the student involved may be heard and the accuracy of the charge determined by a neutral decision-maker.

Students charged with academic misconduct may not change their registration in a class in which a charge is pending, or in which a finding of academic misconduct has been made.

Dissertation Assistance TGS recognizes that scholarly writing is a process that benefits from conversations and consultations with others. If appealing the finding, the student must follow the appeal process of the school that determined there was a violation of academic integrity.

Degree deadline – students have 9 years from matriculation to complete the PhD degree. Students may defer funding for the period of time enrolled in TGS dsisertation In the case of two eligible graduate student northwestsrn, each parent is entitled to choose one option.

Students may not request withdrawal after the due date for the final assessment exam, paper, project, etc.

The number following the three-digit course number indicates whether the course is part of a sequence:. The Doctor of Philosophy degree is oriented toward research that will advance knowledge.

Most courses carry one guidelinnes of credit. It should be understood that there is no necessary connection between a first-time offense and a letter of reprimand.