The professor almost made it seem like a nice conversation and they did not ask me anything at all, about my other hobbies, about world events, Egypt, nothing. Yogesh Sharma January 29, 4: I too have plans to pursue this course. Very nicely written article!!. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Being from Intuit, my interviewer seems impressed. I also told them about the strong support from my boss to purse the course. Around the core themes of Productivity issues, Infrastructure, Politics, Reservations etc I wrote my 1 pager. They also asked about my company-Intuit ‘s products, including those recently launched in India , its future marketing strategy , about Indian market and about a strategy for succeding in Indian market. Could you please share those experiences too? This will definitely help me

I would also think there would be penalty clauses relating to what happens if the deliverables do not come on time.

Do they have legal clauses also? Most of us tend to interact in vernaculars outside of work and the person from North may not be able to understand what is being said at all, or relate to certain ppgsem references.

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Agreed that only lakhs are software engineers, but its a plush job and where potential is unlimited. Why should the applicants coming from one exam have to write the essay as part toics the PGSEM exam that is and the others be allowed to come purely on the basis of their exam scores?

pgsem essay topics

Anyway, at 9 am we were given the topic — Issues and challenges before Human Resource Management in India. They have had only two country specific editions, one tipics Singapore and the other in India.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. I resolved to and performed well in the first two semesters and stood second across the college, successfully getting a branch change into the Computer Science and Engineering stream; wherein I learnt the true meaning of the saying: I actively volunteer for and participate in various intellectually stimulating events, extracurricular activities participated as team member in corporate quizzes at IIMB, AIMA and have a flair for writing co-editor, organization wide literary-cultural magazine.

We did not agree since that meant a binding condition and was causing commercial issues. I consider myself a big-picture thinker, possessing excellent communication and presentation skills I was recently the conductor of events for our business domain day celebrations – audience of about five hundred. There were 9 guys rssay 1 girl.

There was one conference going on in the next classroom. But will pgse, apply again next year Yes, I will do both things. But, i am bit concerned about the experience mix in this program.

Gaurav Kansal: My PGSEM ([email protected]) Interview

Its with all private sector. But in the Indian stories, the cultural references change based on which part of the country the topica is from. Any chance you would know by when the results of the interviews are declared usually? Thanks for sharing your experience. Sir I think the language being different in each state makes a big difference. Once we find people who can play all the instruments we certainly want to firm a band again. But in Italy for instance, I have noticed and also read that people are more laid back and that shows in the way they follow up for resources too.

This incident reinforced the belief in me and the capability inherent in everyone to bounce back from failures. These are now being deployed throughout the organization.


They contain personal stories of people that are intended to evoke emotions in the readers.

pgsem essay topics

Hi Venky, Very pgeem story. If you are serious about the program I would be glad to assist you. Each interview lasted for some mins with one taking almost 40 mins. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Thankfully track of interview shifted now.

IIM Bangalore PGSEM MBA Blog: Remembering The PGSEM Interview

Recently he visited one of my other regions and met the leaders there in person, understanding their gap areas and expectation from our company and building confidence in our partnership and delivery capabilities. Posted by Rishabh essag Looking forward for favorable response.

But it ewsay from person to person and one may take 1 to 3 months preparation. Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus’s work on micro-finance and Grameen Bank, Jeffrey Sachs’s work on economic stabilization through aid and the UN Millennium Development Goals aimed at world-wide poverty topica, and C K Prahalad’s concept of targeting the Bottom of the Pyramid BOP come to mind right away – their intense dedication, writings and activities inspire me and I feel compelled to participate in a more tangible way.

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pgsem essay topics