Mining companies also have to be aware of political considerations and the impact of the nationalisation cycle. Special emphasis will be placed on innovation, with a view to uncovering the structural foundations of knowledge creation, transfer, sharing, and diffusion in various empirical domains. These public international law principles overlap somewhat uncomfortably with the commercial interests of foreign investors. Specifically, the causes of the transformation from normal to malignant tissue will be described together with the manner in which tumours grow and spread. The information that you can provide about your extenuating circumstances will enable them to make their decision.

However, you would need to have compelling extenuating circumstances and good reasons for not requesting an extension before the deadline. Dr Garry Gabison Overlap: This means students are expected to read articles independently in leading marketing journals. This module will also consider emissions trading and its effectiveness, the NDC nationally determined commitments of states to achieve climate change goals. The dissertation requires a demonstration of ability to carry out an original investigation into an area of interest. Interrupting your studies usually means that you will resume your studies at the same point the following academic year.

Finally the module will discuss the importance of innovation in merger enforcement.

In this module students would be expected to understand the nature of international business and key analytical techniques for the operation of a business in a global setting. Grade A – Dr Isaac Abrahams Overlap: It will also focus on the question of how to distribute the benefits of life sciences research fairly so that it benefits society.

There will a strong emphasis on problem-solving in relation to structure determination. Students will work in groups and will be required to provide analysis of a problem or question using complex data from a cougsework context.


Dr Nathalie Lebrasseur Overlap: However, it is still advisable to speak to your tutor before the coursework deadline, so that they are aware of your situation and can advise you accordingly. In the area of merger control, the test of public interest is profoundly influenced by the enforcement approach applied to the control of concentrations.


This course aims to provide a wide understanding of the occurrence, synthesis and behaviour of organic compounds. As value-creating activities and functions are shared between ever more players their linkages increase as well as their interdependence. It will also serve as an introduction to the critical analysis and study of poetry as a literary form more generally.

The principal aim is to understand the mechanisms and treatments of common chronic inflammatory disorders.

A module of practical work designed to extenzion chemistry students with modern experimental methods and techniques in inorganic and organic chemistry.

This is further achieved through additional skills workshops that engage learners in the analysis of case studies, role play and problem solving exercises. Members of academic staff at Historic Royal Palaces may co-supervise dissertation projects.

Module marks and assessment – Academic Registry and Council Secretariat

The aim is to furnish you with sufficient knowledge that you will be able to appraise and develop synthetic strategies for the synthesis of complex organic molecules using catalytic methodology. Dr Georg Von Graevenitz Overlap: According to the World Bank, between and more than 30 countries revised their estension contracts and made major amendments or completely changed their petroleum legal and fiscal framework.

qmul coursework extension

Finally, there will be a review of mining disputes, how they are resolved and their impact if any on the mining sector. Material covered in many of the lectures will reflect the research interests of the speakers, and will include such diverse subjects as gastro-intestinal and genito-urinary tumours, and ageing and oncogenes.


The ultimate goal of evidence-based practice is to help practitioners become more effective through providing a framework for making decisions and taking actions which incorporate the best available evidence from multiple sources including scientific evidence. This module will look extensikn the international legal regime relating to climate change and consider how this will directly impact the energy sector.

qmul coursework extension

This module provide students with a good understanding of the main types of energy transactions. However, it will not normally be possible for your extenuating circumstances to be compensated for, as you are normally expected to interrupt if your studies are negatively affected by difficult circumstances.

For full explanation of the module information for Associate students, please refer to the Associate guidance notes. This module is concerned with the raising of large-scale finance by sovereigns, corporations and banks. Dr Gail Evans Overlap: Dr Miriam Goldby Overlap: This module is the capstone module for the MSc in Business Analytics.

Prof Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal Overlap: The dissertation forms an important part of the assessment of the MSc Programmes, carrying a weighting of four modules i. Particular attention is given to crisis leadership. The first six lectures of the module focus on electron transfer and will include an introduction to basic terms redox potential and its tuning in biological systems, excited-state electron transfer and elements of the Marcus theory, followed by a discussion of electron transfer processes in biology, including light-energy harvesting and conversion in photosynthetic reaction centre, long-range electron transfer in metalloproteins, DNA and molecular wires.