How many units do not have the problem? Implement System Change Date: Why should it have been detected? What object has the defect? Types of Problem Solving:

Defines boundaries of the problem? What trends could have been expected, but were not observed? Use this path to investigate systemic root cause WHY? D8 Recognize the Team? The oil pump on the robot is not circulating sufficient oil. Change Points — Any recent changes? Communication Why is this a problem?

When has it been observed since? Write the symptom as a Problem Statement 3. Poor quality paint Why?

There is no filter on pump intake as designed. Write a clear problem description that is more specific and focused than the original customer problem description.

Will include core problem solving tools? Where was the problem first detected? Soving to the operator s? Begins with the Problem Statement Object-Defect? Customers know when they are unhappy? Standardization — Team reaches a common What is the defect? What could be the defect, but it is not? Use this path to investigate why the problem was not detected WHY? Write Problem Statement in “object – defect” format 3.


qrcm problem solving

Where, what station, how often, when started? D2 Describe the Problem?

qrcm problem solving

Provides the basis for root cause analysis? Use Problem Solving tools to identify most likely causes of a problem? The circuit is overloaded.

Problem Solving Engineer

Understand what actions need to be verified? Is this event recommended to follow QRCM process? Understand the physics of the root cause before taking corrective action create a new solvig. What trends could have been expected, but were not observed? Every spot on the organizational chart? Process Change Break Point Date: Why is the pump not circulating sufficient oil?

Sample forms and examples?

qrcm problem solving

Understand the need for verification? Who is not aware? Why is this not a problem? Their paint is inferior.

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Based on Go and See; team eliminated slow response and cost as the real qrck The object and defect relationship is defined by asking: Transform a simple, vague symptom from the customer into specific, quantifiable terms that can be worked on by the team? Paint Blisters in oven Why? Provide foundation for developing corrective actions?