Also in order to make it a fair test I am going to keep the following variables the same: I decided that it would be best for me to use a bold marker pen to make the mark more visible under the conical flask. There are 2 outliers Improvements and further investigations: These are circled on my graphs. Analysing and considering the evidence – what reaction the results mean in terms of your prediction and theory! I would expect the same pattern of you swapped Sodium Thiosulphate and Hydrochloric Acid for two other chemicals, which are not affected by water, but will react with each other.

To do this we added water to the acid and did the experiment again 4 times, decreasing the concentration of the acid by 5cm3 each time. I could have use a colorimeter to identify colour changes in the products. Gcse system consists of a light beam emitter and sensor connected to computer and the reaction vessel is placed between the emitter and sensor. Sodium thiosulphate is a colourless, crystal like compound and is used for dyes and is also a salt. Hydrochloric acid is colourless, poisonous and highly acidic.

Gcse Coursework Chemistrysodium Thiosulphate – Sodium Thiosulphate + Hydrochloric Acid Coursework

The experiment had no outliers Concentration increase speeds up a reaction because there are more particles to collide with acod other, therefore creating more of a possibility of a faster reaction. It is often used as a chemical intermediate and in petroleum production, food processing, pickling, and metal cleaning. Ssodium could test this by asking one of my peers to follow the instructions and then asking for their feedback.

The collision theory will be involved in this, for instance the more concentrated the acid we use, the faster the reaction will occur and the.


Sodium Thiosulphate + Hydrochloric Acid Coursework

The acid is poured into the flask which has the sodium thiosulphate solution in it. The solution fizzes and gives off the gas carbon dioxide. The results for 1, 2 and 4M keep showing outliers. Racism in America Essay. This could have happened because of calculation errors, human errors, recording errors or a fault with the equipment that we used. We need to be safe when doing this by wearing goggles and making sure that we dispose of. The independent variables in our experiment are the concentration of hydrochloric acid.

I will do so by timing the reaction of Sodium Thiosulphate with an acid. This is because there will be more acid molecules in the same amount of solution and the molecules of both substances will be more dynamic thus ensuring larger amount of more effective collisions with the sodium thiosulphate.

Blue coloration turned to brick red precipitate. The observations were then recorded in the results table. I also made sure that any clothing or long jewellery was clear and out of our way as clothing can also get caught. I would also consider using a wider range of concentrations so I can do in-depth analysis and I can compare the two acids.

Rate of Reaction – Sodium Thiosulphate and Hydrochloric Acid Coursework

This shows that there is a difference in the data which proves accuracy. The conical flask and all other equipment must be clean as any impurities may contaminate my experiment.

Lasers are very important in our world today; but not too long ago, we did not have them!

sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid coursework evaluation

It can also be found in the stomach. I am investigating the different factors which may speed up chemical reactions.

sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid coursework evaluation

Keep the size of my measuring flask is the same size; this should hopefully make my experiment much fairer and accurate. There are a few mild outliers. I think that my method for my investigation is easy to follow. We did this by measuring out the acid in a beaker and pouring it into a measuring cylinder along with the water as well. In the case of liquid solutions, the concentration of the elements is also important when considering whether the reaction will be successful or not.



From this graph re-discuss your findings in a coursework mathematical way and relate this to the particle collision theory of reactions!

When you have decided on sodium method, give a detailed description of how you might carry it out. The purpose of this investigation is to record the amount of time taken for a reaction to occur when sodium thiosulphate is mixed with hydrochloric acid.


Then, they will all be at the same temperature, which should be thiosulphzte. Conclusion In my investigation, my data and my graphs proved that my hypothesis was correct.

Dependent variables are not controlled by the experimenter.

By Wenan Wen Han. Refer to any rate laboratory experience accid ‘rate application letter for a job in sales reaction’ experiments which coursework have helped you decide and design the experimental method.