These are some ways of showing Moo Do in my life. This understanding has and will also help me go further in Soo Bahk Do and other fields of life. This knowledge helps to guide our actions with an awareness of our base, our history, our past, and helps us to understand where we are in the present as we create our future. When concentrating, you get lots of confidence. Further, when the Dan practitioner performs the art in the manner dictated, the art feels correct to the practitioner, because the practitioners body is aligned and behaving based on the physics of the movements and the flow of the energies, that have been studied and included in the art for many centuries. He said I am ready to test and I believe him.

Our philosophy guides our intention Shim Gong towards the good. I often try to put difficult concepts in those terms. I was home alone and although I did not want to help clean and prepare for this person, I did want them to be in a clean environment. In addition, they must be strengthened by the other four values of Moo Do to fulfill their meaning. Rios has helped set an example of what I need to look like because he truly is a Dan. Having to have a balanced diet for Soo Bahk Do is an excuse to have a balanced diet in life and that is really good for me. These values and concepts have helped prepare me for my rank advancement and I think I am ready both mentally and physically for this test.

At the beginning, we choose the Soo Bahk Do studio here for no other reason that the fact that it was the closet karate school we found to our house. He shows, for example, the physics of why a back stance feels better when your weight is distributed mostly on your rear leg, and the center of gravity is a straight line at a 90 degree angle from the ground through your rear leg and upper body.


If you are a human, do not fill in this field.

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As time progresses, I have seen how the children grow and develop, and advance from junior ranks to green and red belts. To me, Soo Bahk Do means dedication and commitment.

However, I proved to them that I daan responsible, and could be trusted. Soo Bahk Do has influenced and altered my life greatly. I like the balance of the two because training one dl can help me deal with one problem I might have and training the other way can help dzn deal with another problem.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. After taking this easier path, and perhaps not getting the desired results, we frequently fool ourselves by telling us that taking the other path would have made no difference. In this sense, Soo Bahk Do helped me become less selfish, and more concerned about others. A lot of people think its just kicks esswy punches and fighting. Soo Bahk Do is a sort of healing method for me.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. On good days, just by remembering the basics, thinking it through and feeling it out, I can find the next move.

While Kwang Ja Nim Hwang Kee studied ancient texts and different martial art styles, the Federation and Dan pedigrees ensured a tradition with a heritage and a future. When I concentrate in piano I can play better. Although I did not win, I did win third place! On my first day of training, I walked in the Do Jang as a white belt, only to find that not only were there no other white belts in class, the most junior member aside from myself was a 4th gup.

Even though sometimes I feel as if it is too hard I know that it is making me stronger and that stronger is better.


soo bahk do ee dan essay

Yong Gi is the Korean way of saying courage. Soo Bahk Do has also helped me a lot in my school life.

Courage is something that everyone needs to grow and progress. Because of Moo Do I have been able to learn many special things about Soo Bahk and other things in life. Snarr has taught me to be confident in myself.

Snarr has helped me because he has helped me to understand that breaking is just breaking a big piece of paper. My apologies in advance to the readers of this essay for its wordiness. Fill in your details below or click woo icon to esszy in: Only these factors will bring a negative influence on human relationships. About three weeks ago although I did not want to admit that I was failing my History and Math classes and was almost in denial.

He is always encouraging me with my breaks and we me polish my technique.

Grace – Cho Dan Essay

Saluting the Republic of Korea flag reminds me to cooperate with my brothers, respect my elders, be a faithful student and teacher, and be faithful with friends.

On the one hand, knowledge and tradition have been handed down through the ages, by means such as the Moo Yei Do Bo Tong Ji and such as our method of connection through Dan Bon numbers, representing hundreds if not thousands of years of time.

soo bahk do ee dan essay

I have been concentrating on having better stances in class and on learning new forms. Skip to toolbar My Sites: