Even 3 lights on the wall behind tony anr carm at the table…. Tony is standing looking at the coffin. Richie wears one and also conspires with Junior and NY to whack Tony. A very cold and chilling scene that was beyond even what Phil Leotardo was capable of. The music that soinds there is the intermezzo of cavalleria Rusticana. With this and everything else mentioned in this blog, the MOJ man then shoots Tony in the head, thus explaining why the screen went black all of a sudden. After slipping into a coma, Tony spends two entire episodes of Season 6 not as a notorious mobster running North Jersey but as a precision optics salesman suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s who may or may not be facing a court summons from some supremely pissed-off Buddhist monks.

It tied everything up perfectly. Simplistic maybe but i can dream!! Season 6 is the best because Chase knew exactly where he was going had 2 years to plan it out and it was really time to concentrate on the most important themes of the show despite the Vito excursion. Even 3 lights on the wall behind tony anr carm at the table…. Apparently, if the couple did not laugh, Tony and us would have heard the bell and looked up.

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Lastly, and perhaps most curiously, why on earth is Patsy really even there!? The two cousins transcended the line between mafia life and family as they were directly related to both. For this reason some of those operas have later never been staged and were forgotten since there was no more that ingenious artist to “carry” the performance. However, if Tony has gone, this was the best way to do it. Chase comments about this site!


sopranos ending dissertation

I believe that link holds the key: After all, Tony would have died after the bullet was fired. Eat your onion rings. Those final few minutes of the final episode is truly the greatest scene in the history of the medium; a scene constructed as a culmination of 8 years and 86 hours of epic storytelling. At the time, “The Sopranos” had been off the air for seven years.

This snding seems to have a history that is somehow directly linked to Tony only Tony may not realize it. Also, of all the deaths Tony is responsible for, hers hit the hardest.

Like I said in the essay, Chase diswertation interested in that. I suppose his change in stance going from taking a bus to accepting the BMW from his parents is an indication that he is selling out his own ideas and aspirations.

Best of Salon: Why “The Sopranos” final scene haunts us still

In Breaking Bad it is a dramaturgically closed form in which the deadly ending is inscribed in the narrative from the very beginning; while in Mad Men the conditions for the finale are different due to its rather epic and open dramaturgy.

I think he achieved two things with the ending. As with the show’s final disserttaion, Chase never settles the question, instead suggesting that there are two or more parallel realities.

sopranos ending dissertation

The Rise of The Anti-Hero: For ending, a funny stuff. The ending was orchestrated years in advance and is the culmination of an artist in complete control of his vision.

Did they get wacked also? Tony has been dead all along during this series; now he awakens. Tony keeps defending the cat while Paulie is trying to get rid of it. I know we all have the Sunday school or Catechism version of hell in our heads… with its fire and brimstone and devils and pitchforks, etc.


A cat is placed in a box with some poisonous gas that has a 50 percent chance of killing it. The rest is only a matter of which version of hell he is experiencing at any given moment.

Best of Salon: Why “The Sopranos” final scene haunts us still |

MOG enters the bathroom setting up his easy, unobstructed shot at Tony when he exists. One problem I have with it is during one of the dream scenes, with Tony and his cousin Tony. It goes against our sense of reality dissertxtion either this, or that, and never both. Instead, we viewers assume the more familiar role of the Omniscient Third-Party: Carmela starts stealing money from Tony to invest and protect her future. One additional Adrianna-cat thing.

In Zagreb, Ternina followed the music life and the life and work of young singers at the Music Academy with great interest.

From what I recall, after Season 3 finished, Chase was quoted as creating a 2 year arc to finish off the show. I think, however, that this amazing analysis focuses too much on Tony and not enough on us.

sopranos ending dissertation

Thank you for this exhaustive analysis.