A bank invests its fund in many ways to earn more and more profit and most of its income is derived from loans and advances. To recheck and scrutinize each questionnaire thoroughly whether the respondents have given any wrong information is called data edition. Dutch-Bangla Bank is the bank which is trying to give the better and better services to its clients with the expansion its branches and ATM network. It is the prime demand of the client of the banks. This is the ratio that potential investors may look at when deciding whether or not to invest in the company. Every variable is defined by a unique number called code. Mainly, the measures can be both quantitative and qualitative, which means the evaluation or the measure can be both financial and non financial, which can be divided into four categories.

Click here to sign up. And by the look of it we can say that the uses of online banking will increase day by day in an effective way. By Abdullah Al Farhad. For this reason I will use interview method for collected data. This is the ratio that potential investors may look at when deciding whether or not to invest in the company. The process will be one of movement on growth towards total structural change in areas of economic, social, cultural structure. The Bank commenced assignments ke jokes its banking business with one branch on 4 July

Thus, there is every chance that they would attract more investors, as their EPS is quite higher than that of their rival EBL. Most of the research works are conducted by using interview method for collecting information. We know that education is the back bone dblb the nation in the sane way we can say that the banking is the back bone of the economy.

The recent advancement in the computer and information technology makes the procedure of analyzing data easier. It contains many oj pertaining to the field of inquire and provides space for answers. Research design provides a practical overview of the central issues involved in the design of social and economic research. This industry has a great competition.


In a survey the methodology for collecting information is of great importance. Very limited people of the country were able enjoy this facilities.

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Accurate and appropriate questionnaire is essential for survey work Questionnaire should be such that respondent could easily understand accurate answer depended on simple appropriate questionnaire. Threat occurs when there is an opportunity for entering new company in an industry. It has about ATM with 96 branches all around the country.

Every research has target population from where we collect data and by making use of these data, we analyze and making decision. Mainly, to measure the business performance of a firm, the main technique that is used by the companies is ratio analysis, and the data that is taken for such analysis is extracted from the financial statements of the company.

The reply about the position ranking among the peer banks, the DBBL is the first position among the banks.

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We are submitting this term paper for your kind consideration and thanking you for your constant assistance and guidance. Risk free lending is the key factor to earn more dbbl as well as it will be an important catalyst for bringing about economic development in a country.

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The method applied in this research can be discussed as follows:. Especially, the given class lecture on this course helped us a lot and made the hard work easier. Bargaining power is limited to the corporate client. At that time there are some private commercial banks came in the private sector with private management like National Bank, Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited, etc.


Click here to sign up. DBBL stands to give the most innovative and affordable banking products to Bangladesh. In our country some banks are providing those services with the help of modern technology.

The technique of this process is called ferm which makes the data processing easier. Dutch-Bangla Bank is the bank which is trying to give the better and better services to its clients with the expansion its branches and ATM network.

Through DBBL network some rural peoples of the country are getting the modern banking facility and they become interested to the banking activities.

term paper on dbbl

After analysis the collected data I have found the satisfaction of the clients on the services of the delivery channels of DBBL that almost all of them are satisfied about the service provided by the bank specially the ATM services with the largest network in Bangladesh and some of them are not fully satisfied they think that service should be improved. They have no bargaining power.

They have been described in the following page: Zanifer Juy Date of Submission: Letters term paper on dutch bangla bank case study on hypertension From case study about water resources Nowhere 2. Target population is the population where our desired data are available.

term paper on dbbl

In a company, online banking is the substitute product of their branch banking. Presently more that 50 fifty number of banks including specialized and foreign bank are running and has been playing a vital role in the economy of the country.

The coded data were checked by the reference of original data to run and edited the miscode by computer, which is called machine editing.