The eXe project is developing a freely available Open Source authoring application to assist teachers and academics in the publishing of web content without the need to become proficient in HTML or XML markup. For the solution to this issue, see https: When downloaded to your computer it generates a toolbar in Word giving options to enable easy conversion of the file to clean html pages which include navigation and interactive features. With a slide-based content and a really intuitive layout system, it allows you to achieve professional results without any technical knowledge. Easygenerator’s home page Signup: Quiz, Examn, Adaptive Learning templates and the simple course template. With iSpring Suite, you can use your PowerPoint skills to create quality e-Learning courses, video lectures and assesments fast and easy, without special training.

A completely online SaaS offering that has equivalent features to it’s desktop product. The THESIS product family provides four application options that help an organization create e-Learning objects from virtually any type of lesson content file. Use PowerPoint to its fullest advantage as iSpring features:. The latest version is 3. The facilities to add quizzes, dialog simulations, eLearning interactions, record and edit audio, video and screecasts are among the many features iSpring places at your fingertips.

Creating SCORM Content

This is the only SaaS authoring tool that lexrning has a perpetual license desktop version. For the solution to this issue, see https: THESIS Learning Object Manager effectively addresses the significant problem learning environments have which is 35 creating and managing content from multiple sources. Composica is a social e-learning authoring system that offers real-time collaboration among team members and provides a powerful programming- free WYSIWYG environment to create and deliver high-quality interactive e-learning content with embedded social media.

Work with your Macintosh!

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ViewletBuilder Enterprise includes ViewletQuiz, for creating interactive assessments and surveys. Completion tracking can be set either by number of slides viewed or by quiz scores.

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thesis rapid scorm e learning 3.5

With Coral Presenter, a plugin for PowerPoint, users can easily add audio and video files, as well as quizzes to create more engaging and interactive e-learning presentations.

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Convert any web presentable content. Enable teams of course developers, designers and subject matter experts to easily create, modify and collaborate on course content. Using easygenerator ensures your developed courses will be optimized for any device: STT Trainer from Kaplan IT Learning is a complete solution for creating software simulations, electronic rapie performance support, and documentation to train employees on critical web- windows, and java-based business software.

Please be aware that vendors can edit entries on this wiki page. See below the changes in each version:. There are some problems with Moodle configuration see http: It allows the creation of quizes, slideshows and software emulation. Convert PowerPoint to Flash and upload the courses to Moodle. PowerQuizPoint PowerPoint Quiz Maker provides options like insert your questions with up to 4 choices per Questions, Separate slides for correct and incorrect answers and Question Bank facility.

THESIS Rapid SCORM eLearning 3.5 free download,free THESIS Rapid SCORM eLearning 3.5 download

Retrieved from ” https: Received an eLearnings Best of award. Download Free QuizMaker by iSpring.

In addition, Composica includes Social Media tools, to create a real learning community around each course – learners can share knowledge rhesis others, learn from each other, comment on anything, rate everything and more. On Mac OSx and Windows PCs, it is used to create compelling, interactive online tutorials for distance learning and user support.

Creating SCORM Content – MoodleDocs

Find more information at http: Qarbon’s ViewletBuilder is cost-effective, comparatively easy to learn, and used by many thousands of corporate, educational, and government professionals since The Pro version allows you to import and edit audio, import video, and create quizzes and surveys. Download a free trial at http: It is also important to know that one does not need to purchase or obtain any product in order to produce SCORM content.


The Free version allows you to create and publish interactive Responsive HTML activities, quizzes and learning objects that can be inserted into a Moodle course. You can find out more information about the Atlantic Link products at http: You can check out an example course created with isEazy: Start your free day trial.

thesis rapid scorm e learning 3.5

It is a good idea to educate authorware users about best practices with regard to issues such as file size, file naming conventions, how to publish images for the Web, and so forth, before turning them loose with an authorware product. The application is equally at home creating ‘soft-skill’ tutorials such as new employee introductions, company policy, in fact anything that can be taught electronically.

thesis rapid scorm e learning 3.5

Until now the program was downloaded times. You will need to un-check the “autostart” mark of the Video object vidoe object is used to insert audio too and then define an action scorj some event that fits the case for example on the slide’s afterdisplay event choose METHOD yourvideoobject, PLAY.