Scrap my last comment, we turned it off from the mains and this has done the trick!!!!! I was just hoping that someone would miraculously pipe up with ‘hey I know exactly what that is, i fixed the same problem last week’ Haha. However, and I may be wrong i’m not sure if there are any serviceable parts in the units. Air locks normally occur within the pipe-work of the hot supply and can develop over time or occur all of a sudden. Nigel Jones, Hmmmm that seems odd.

Your name or email address: Once the pipe work and cables have been connected, turn the power and water back on to the shower. If anyone else wants to be constructive rather than just have a pop, please, I’m happy to hear from you. View all Customer Care Register your Guarantee. Log in or Sign up. We would advise to check for an air lock within the pipe work to begin with as this can cause the pump to become noisy.

HandyandyDec 5, Electric showers require a minimum of 1bar working pressure. One of the most common reasons for a Aqualisa Quartz shower unit to suddenly stop working is an air lock in the system. Single outlet mixer showers will require 0.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. What was the result Jaydub? G BrownDec 4, Do you mean the shower pull cord or the shower fuse in our garage. Hi Brushhead, I have supplied and fitted loads of these showers and have never heard of this particular problem.

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Let us help you out. True that, I think you’re onto something there Midwest!


aqualisa problem solving

Once the clip has been removed, the hose connector will slide free from the handset and you can unscrew the fitting from the end of the hose. It sounds like the seals have gone in your shower.

aqualisa problem solving

My Aqualisa shower has a habit of dripping after a few years of use. I mentioned the issues our friends are having because they are experiencing problems too of a not dissimilar nature.

Please visit our prime electrical forum sponsor – they have the best tools at the best prices. This is due to the pumped unit only being to withold a maximum of 1bar pressure and having the pump built into the unit. Thanks for your response.

Dual outlet mixer showers will require a minimum of 1bar pressure. Share This Page Tweet. Electrical Forum Friday at I’d be seriously thinking about changing it, you can get a decent electric shower for sensible money now and the customer gets reliable showering and peace of mind.

We have a Aqualisa Digital Axis shower which is now about 10 years old. Remove the shower head from the end of the flexible hose or fixed arm, Start the shower on the coldest setting, Slowly turn the temperature dial towards hot, If at any point the shower ptoblem to spit or splutter then stop turning the dial and wait for the air to clear before continuing towards the hot, You may have to repeat this process a few times to clear the air entirely but afterwards the hot and cold auqalisa should be the same.

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My shower had this exact problem and the fix you mentioned worked perfectly first time, many thanks. Remove the fixings that hold the shower to the wall and carefully lower the shower down from the ceiling. You could also test the data cable with a LAN tester to make sure that is good. I have to admit I was totally sceptical about this fix but it worked first time.


Clearly a two person job unless you have extremely long arms, assistant needed oroblem press booster whilst I went upstairs to reset isolator switch. Scrap my last comment, we turned it off from the mains and this has done the trick!!!!!

Undo the two water inlets and move away from the valve assembly. The problem is in the mixer valves so aquailsa need to disassemble the valves and re-grease the valve parts.

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Any input to this issue gratefully received. Also, the Quartz single outlet model has a boost feature whereas the Visage single outlet does not have a peoblem feature. It also has slightly lower flow rates to the Midas An air leak is where there is a leak somewhere on the supply to the shower and while it is in use the air is sucked in through this gap.

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