Let Roger Vincent know if you want to know more about loans and I will give you details of how to proceed. We looked at many ways to address the problem but there was really only one approach that stood head and shoulders above the rest — Broadband for the Rural North or B4RN. B4RN subscribers all receive the same, affordable, very high speed service. B4RN will be inputting the relevant lists of postcodes for both the project area and the postcodes that are eligible for a voucher under the whole area application into their online form and will notify me when it is ready for people to sign up. The training will be …. She is also actively involved in the local community. Landowners give free permission for the network to cross their land although they under no obligation to do this.

There are many who could dig the trenches, install duct and make good afterwards and their contribution to the project would be invaluable. Thomas Hartley has lived and worked in the Lune Valley for all his life. Signed wayleave agreements are now in place for nearly all of the initial Route 1 from Armitstead Hall, Lawkland down to the centre of Rathmell as well as many of the local property spurs on that route and around central Rathmell. We should soon have a couple of banners up in Rathmell and Wigglesworth to try and make sure that everyone is aware of the project. Thomas brings his extensive knowledge of the local area to the project. She came to academe from the business world where she was Managing Director of a development consultancy and worked with a wide portfolio of organisations.

Dig Progress Route1 Trunk is now all dug in!!

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She believes that this project will be of particular benefit to such communities. Speed 30Mbps, Unlimited Gift: Just real people whose aim is to help. You can also invest via making a loan to B4RN which can be more beneficial compared to shares for non tax payers. You can even pay just bueiness installation and activate the service when you are ready, perhaps when your current contract expires. B4RN subscribers all receive the same, affordable, very high speed service. He answered questions ably and entertainingly, and there was more excitement business the meeting than one might reasonably have expected for anything involving putting miles and miles of orange duct under the ground and digging up your own garden, and paying money for the privilege.


This is the original B4RN site we started with, and we no longer keep it updated. We should soon have a couple of banners up in Rathmell and Wigglesworth to try and make sure that everyone is aware of the project.

There are massive rolls of red tape indiscriminately my words applied to any project that may be bysiness to have subsidies involved. He grew up in the Lune Valley and returned 7 years ago. Volunteers are needed for everything including making the tea!

The current price list is on the plah B4RN website. We would be aiming to get Phase 1 done and be working on one or more of the next routes to be done by the end of this year.

The meeting was extremely helpful, and painted a realistic and positive picture of the organisation, investment, determination and effort required to carry out a community project of this type. This sparked an interest that has never gone away. Because of his work on farms he is aware of installation issues, topography and engineering issues.

The training will be …. Menu An analysis of truth in much ado about nothing by william shakespeare A discussion about the depiction of native american culture in mass media and film in united states How to write a reflection essay examples. For the last 23 years has run a small engineering company in partnership with his wife.


b4rn business plan

We also need volunteers for this phase; appropriate training will be provided. Perhaps it was the anticipation of both 1Gbps download busineds upload speed AND cups of tea and pieces of cake that did it? He has a keen interest and some basic skills — all self-taught! Since then he has been involved with rural broadband, in particular with helping N4rn CIC a local community wireless broadband service. Challenges However, there are challenges. Speed 36Mbps, Unlimited Gift: The network uses the same highly reliable commodity hardware used by thousands of companies all over the world.

b4rn business plan

Carl has worked on several regional and businesz working groups related to NHS staff development. B4RN started as a community project in rural Lancashire with just a couple of parishes.

B4RN – Rathmell, Wigglesworth and Giggleswick Broadband

In she began campaigning for rural broadband and plxn the next few years helped establish a wireless network around Wray and a satellite network for rural farms. Apart from providing the technical input for B4RN he also acts as a consultant to a number of local authorities establishing local high speed broadband plans.

b4rn business plan

So, each community formed a group, raised investment, persuaded landowners and recruited volunteers to build their own new piece of the B4RN network. Wheeler and his fellow b4rrn a message. Landowner co-operation is vital. The existing copper cables cannot deliver these speeds, nor can satellite or mobile broadband.