However, researchers have neither agreed on a model of advertising creativity nor conclusively linked. An Oligopoly has and unique feature which is characterized by a few sellers an more buyers with products Homogenous and have Mutual interdependence. The aim is extended to provide the customers with e value added services and also competitive charges to the existing customers. The Hutch network was personified as the adorable pug dog following the owner, who is normally a very cute kid. It was brand new and innovative concept and also Vodafone wonderfully promoted their services by creating different and more interesting stories featuring Zoozooz in it.

After watching these above ads, one would definitely fall in love with the brand. Fires, beacons, smoke signals, communication drums, horns: These zoo zoo ads are also available for download on the Vodofone india site. Bharti Airtel, Idea are biggest competitors. Blackbook project on vodafone customer satisfaction. One of the best things Vodafone did with the ZooZoo series is that it picked every standard and Value Added Service it could and made separate advertisements to address each of them. However, researchers have neither agreed on a model of advertising creativity nor conclusively linked.

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Vodafone Essar’s Advertising Strategy – The ‘Zoozoos’ Campaign|Marketing|Case Study|Case Studies

Scope of the Study The scope of study is limited to the area of Himachal Pradesh only. Later on, pigeons would be used by Romans to report the outcomes of sporting events and by Egyptians for military communications.

case study on vodafone zoozoo

August 2nd, by DrPrem Jagyasi. Zoozooz have now become a brand.

case study on vodafone zoozoo

Thus it can be seen that oligopolistic market structure of this industry has played a significant role in the generation of revenue for Vodafone, especially through this stucy advertising strategy. Vodafone India Limited, formerly Vodafone Essar Limited, is the second largest mobile network operator in India after Airtel by subscriber base.


case study on vodafone zoozoo

People were even more hungry to know about their favorite Zoozooz. Very much like early smoke vodafon or beacons, it involved a network of identical containers on separate hills, each with a vertical rod floated in it.

Upper Saddle River, N. Economic slowdown and its impact on retailers February 25, Low advertising cost leading to provision of cheaper services. Short and crisp — coming to the point: The campaign created the buzz both in the traditional media as well as in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and video sharing website, YouTube.

Hats off to Vodafone for being glocal Global and vldafone in their approach.

The Posts and Telegraphs department occupied a small corner of the Public Works Department, at that time. It has never experienced any kind of Hiccups starting from toand is certainly commendable.

This is an amazing combination of imagination and creativity with the intensity of various kinds of emotion. Oligopoly is cas market structure that has unique features because it is characterised by few sellers and mutual interdependence. Robots used in military — a future… August 30, Yes NO Neutral 3. Hutch and Vodafone rebranding is the memorable and most big event in the telecommunication industry.

It has approximately million customers as of December The main reason of the advertisement to succeed was that is was very well planned cwse launched during the time of the Indian Premiere League- 2 using it as its platform. Morse discovered that when connecting two model telegraphs together and running electricity through a wire, you could send messages by holding or releasing the buttons in a series of intervals.


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Blackbook project on vodafone customer satisfaction. Ways to bridge the digital divide for… July 30, After watching these above ads, one would definitely fall in love with the brand. Vodafone differentiates itself from other telecom operators through its value added services VAS and it wanted to educate the customers about it.

Research Technique The process of finding out the primary data is through simple random sampling and a group of 50 people are provided with the questionnaire from where the information is obtained. Vodafone chose the Indian Premier League 2 IPL-2 as a platform to launch their advertisement, which proved to be vdafone great marketing strategy.

Certainly Airtel is the leader in Indian telecom industry. They simply did the job of communicating the various VAS in a fascinating way. Zoozooz were launched in the IPL-2 whereas in i.

Wide media coverage, more precisely through video.