Suggestion test case scenario: No need to go to Tax Agent lah. I will be crackinghead tonight d. The Report The information that needs to be reported must be based on the template attached includes three tables. The authorised person of the Financial Institution should be a senior official and will be responsible: In the registration process MyFI should receive 2 emails through authorised email person.

Submit a transmission file with Test Data. You should appeal IMO. Generally all alerts about transmission files will be sent to this email. Malaysian taxpayer who is part of the multinational company group that is subject to prepare CbCR in another country, will need to notify us of their reporting entity and its residency, before the end of their financial year. End of the day they are just doing their job, and are quite helpful if you are also likewise in your approach: Suggestion test case scenario: Information on this IT platform will constantly be updated.

Kindly correct the file and resend it once lettef. For the submission of Notification Letter original copy or any queries pertaining to CbCR, kindly contact us at:. Oh sorry, did not realize you are not TS. Monday, 1st April at 1: Information on this IT platform will constantly be updated.


However if the system finds this email is empty, group email a that was entered during the registration process will be used. Went to their office and got a usual reply Show posts by this member only Post 8.

cover letter to lhdn

Dont waste time going to other branch as they will lbdn redirect you to your home branch c Make sure you bring all the receipts, as it is automatically audited. HiDEF system will reject if using gmail email, yahoo Show posts by this member only Post 2.

How much would the Tax Agent’s fee cost? Sep 13 Rayuan to take my money please. Sep 16 Better u appoint a tax agent to settle all your taxes. You should appeal IMO. Authorised Person’s Contact No:. That’s why its called mistakela not deliberate ma. letrer

Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri

Appeal letter to LHDNe-filling late submission. The Public key can also trigger to data packet is tampered during transmission.

The first email is the Covre Registration Number and the second is the registration process info that has been successful. Template for the Country-by-Country Report. So far from my experience with lhdn has been ok.


cover letter to lhdn

Authorised Person’s Name and Identification Number; ii. When i was at their office, an old uncle was furious that his savings in KWSP was frozen due to his account was not updated.

Cover Letter to Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri

Can i write in english and who do i adderess it to? HiDEF will reject if the certificate is a self-sign certificate.

cover letter to lhdn

Uh Uh write in malay hahahah. Welcome Guest Log In Register. Suggestion test case scenario: Show posts by this member only Post 5. I also got a fine for failing to file returns for which is quite substantial.

I had to pay a substantial lhvn of money through monthly deductions from company. The tables contain information on the global activities and financial characteristics of the group.