Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy: This is also true for students who have recently graduated and want to make sure their degree shows on their official transcripts. If the withdrawal is approved, the student will submit the signed petition to the department or college office for review. Africana Studies Toggle Africana Studies. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the instructor, in writing, about such holidays during the first two weeks of the class each semester.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies: Registration will not permit students to enroll in more than the above unit maximums without prior approval of the relevant dean. During summer semester, undergraduate students may enroll in a maximum of 7 units in a five-week summer session, 9 units in an eight-week session, 12 units in a ten-week summer session, and a maximum of 14 units in any combination of summer semester sessions. Computer Science Toggle Computer Science. Verification for enrollment is calculated as follows: A student registered as an auditor may be required to participate in any or all classroom activities at the discretion of the instructor.

Concentration in Early Childhood. The policy is available at http: Special Education Toggle Special Education.

Bachelor of Science in Physics: Instructors make reasonable accommodations for students to observe religious holidays when such observances require students to be absent from class activities. Concentration in Mathematics for Advanced Study.

Policies and Procedures

Undergraduate students who want to enroll in more than the maximum units must have a cumulative SF State grade point average of 3. Grade forgiveness shall not be applicable to courses for which the original grade was the result of a finding of academic dishonesty.

Registration Policies All students who register at San Francisco State University in resident study for either the fall or spring semester must first be admitted to the University by the Admissions Office.


Elementary Education Toggle Elementary Education. Ethnic Studies Toggle Ethnic Studies. Sexuality Studies Toggle Sexuality Studies.

Additional information may be obtained from the Veterans Services Center.

Policies and Procedures < San Francisco State University

For certification under the Veterans Readjustment Benefits Act of Public Law 89—undergraduates must register for and complete 12 or more semester units of credit to receive maximum benefits. Under no circumstances is the total unit load for sfssu course registrations in all institutions being attended to exceed the maximum unit load restrictions for this institution without written approval in advance from either the dean of Undergraduate Studies thinkinf the dean of Graduate Studies.

Concentration in Dietetics and Nutrition Science.

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However, if any course required for the major, minor, or certificate was taken more than seven years prior to graduation, then departments and programs may require students to retake that course or demonstrate currency in that subject. Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology: Dfsu in Studio Art. As a consequence of a leave crltical absence, it is expected that a student will improve their ability to complete the degree program.

Business Administration Toggle Business Administration. It is the responsibility of students to regularly check their email for important notices and key dates and deadlines.

Concentration in Creative Writing. Students are informed of fee payment deadlines by SF State email and at http: When a student is absent from classes, it is their responsibility to inform their instructors of the reason for the absence and to arrange to make up missed assignments and class work insofar as this is possible. Students who receive financial aid funds must consult with the Office of Student Financial Aid prior to withdrawing from the University regarding any required return or repayment of grant or loan assistance received for that academic term or payment period.

Registration at San Francisco State is divided into distinct time periods as outlined below. A notice to check enrollment is sent via email during the first week of the semester.


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Students who wish to enroll in 25 or more units in one semester must receive the written approval of their advisor, their college dean, and the dean of Undergraduate Studies. Students are expected to include two hours of preparation for each hour crittical regular class work. Undergraduate Admissions Toggle Undergraduate Admissions.

Applicants are required to include their correct social security numbers in designated places on applications for admission pursuant to the authority contained in SectionTitle 5, California Code of Regulationsand Section of the Internal Revenue Code 26 U.

Public Administration Toggle Public Administration. Course Index Toggle Course Index. Once enrolled as an auditor, a student may not change to credit status unless such a change is requested no later than the last day to add classes. Policies and Procedures Observance of Bulletin Requirements A student, except a classified graduate student, who remains in continuous attendance in regular sessions and continuing in the same curriculum at any campus, in any of the California Community Colleges or in any combination of California Zfsu Colleges and campuses of the California State University, may, for purposes of meeting graduation requirements, elect to meet the graduation requirements for San Francisco State University in challengf 1 at the time they began their study, 2 at the time they entered the CSU campus from ezam they graduate, or 3 at the time they graduate from the CSU.

Graduate students must register for and complete 8 or more upper-division or graduate-level semester units of credit each term to receive maximum benefits.