If we try to relate this story to the one in he present context, we come to notice that people don’t have much respect on or regard for morality and religion. When he was near the corpses of his brothers, Yaksha water god, by the way appeared and warned him not to touch anything there unless he answers his questions. The due respect and love to the brother becomes another important meaning of this story. To be true human, we must have wisdom and righteousness. As such in all these aspects, we disagree with the writer along with one event in which all the Pandava brothers are restored to life even after the death -this is absolutely impossible in reality. Without these qualities, the pandava b rothers would not have become successful. They were very tired and thirsty, so wanted to drink water.

Yudhisthira utilizing his wisdom abandoned his selfishness and selected, on moral grounds, his step-brother for revival. So Yaksha being happy restore all his brothers and gave blessing for easy and comfortable life of remaining exiled period. This story led me to question some of my views about abridged texts. Which is a part of Mahabharata, Indian greatest epic? I was never convinced earlier that all these qualities would one day be rewarded. As I went through the story carefully, I came to realize the reality of life. He gave the answers of all questions asked by Yaksha until Yaksha became pleased.

But when, we as a critical thinker, make attempts to separate wheat from the chaff, it undergoes several drawbacks and shortcomings. Before he reached to water of a pond Yakshya ask him six question to answer. Yudhishthira bases his choice entirely on moral considerations, not on his own selfish needs and predilections.


If we conduct any work rightly that has creative result. In spite of such questions, the answer given by Yudhisthira is very simple. He then advised them to go to Matcha and also promised to help them when they were in danger.

Yudhishthira’s wisdom

But an unknown voice warned him not to drink water before answering his questions. They tihnking either dead or unconscious. Not to drink water from the pool before answering his questions. Patience, right conduct, wisdom, as well as endurance are not rewarded on this earth. Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments.

Yudhishthira’s wisdom four levels

Not to drink water from the pool before answering his questions. Newer Post Older Post Home. Then he bent to drink water from the pool but an unknown voice warned him. Here is an example of applying the four reading levels to a particular text. Pleased with Yudhishthira’s wisdom, the Yaksha agrees to revive one of the brothers, leaving Yudhishthira to decide which of the four it will lf.

Or moral ground selecting his stepbrother Nakula for revival. The story may be trying to tell us something about the importance of patience, obedience to gods, wisdom, and right conduct.

He promised to restore one of the brothers. In comparing this model to your own work, please bear in mind that there are many ways of applying these five levels to any text–there are many legitimate ways of contextualizing, retelling, interpreting, criticizing, and assimilating a text. The person who doesn’t possess these qualities suffers in life.

critical thinking of yudhisthiras wisdom

Reading this text gave me new awareness. Why Go to University? The story can also be interpreted to mean that righteousness not only makes you feel good, not only contributes to brighter prospects after your death, but that it pays right here on this earth. In the hot weather they were tired and thirsty Yudisthira sent his youngest brother Sahadeva in search of water.


Yudhishthira’s wisdom by sujan chaudhary A greatest epic part. Despite of its morality and simplicity of language there are some contradictory points in this story. TThis tale has been excerpted from the Mahabarata, one of the two major Sanskrit epics of India, describing events that might have taken place thousands of years ago. However, none of them returned for a long time. I now think that, in some instances, shorter versions of some texts have some virtues which the original text itself does not possess.

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It was hot and they were tired. Exhausted, Yudhishthira, the eldest, sends one brother to search for water.

critical thinking of yudhisthiras wisdom

Although Yudhisthira was very thirsty, he obeyed the yakshya and answers all his questions correctly. The story is about the importance of patience, tihnking to god’s wisdom and right conduct without which Pandava brothers would have been lost.

This mythological story is taken from Mahabharata. However, none of them returned for a long time. Saturday, February 6, Yudhisthira’s Wisdom.