Write a two-person scene in play format in which one character tries to get something from another character: What kind of writing excites you most? It is also a great deal of hard work. If any of you want to ask questions but dun wanna make another post, please feel free to post here? Why do you write?

It had a bunch of documents and a student handbook in it. I wrote ‘then’ not ‘when’ and ‘has’ instead of ‘have’, switching from past to present tense! Reflect back on an incident in your life — small or large — and write about how it impacted you and who you have become. Do I like beat poetry? Its about thirty minutes north of Los Angeles. Do you know what the faculty to student ratio is for creative writing?

Anyone else going for music?

Creative Writing

Mom of an artsy student. The tuition includes the classes, room and board.

csssa creative writing

Congrats on getting in! It’s a great pre-college learning experience. Go to as many events as you can, talk to everyone, attend performances, let your creativity evolve, embrace constructive criticism, make lots of friends, write your heart out.

The thing is, I want to get a job in the movie industry and be one of those people “behind cxssa scenes. Sorry, lots of questions! I feel stupid for applying to both because I know I’m so incredibly horrible at making any kind of decision, whether small or big. If you’re looking for something on a resume and working hard, go for film.


Why do you write? Creatuve had Julia for core, and she creatiive a bit more demanding, but I enjoyed almost everything she asked us to do. They accept around 70 students in the creative writing program, 70 in dance, 70 in music, 70 in fine arts, 70 in acting, and 70 in animation. A lot of them turn out to be really amazing. Of course theres breakfast,lunch and dinner breaks. My son did visual art, and had 36 hours of class a week!

Alumni Writing, Alumni Cover Art. There are scholarships, that pay anywhere from a fourth to almost the entire tuition. What you get from the creative writing department is out of this world.

Creative Writing – CSSSA

I had looked into other Creative Writing programs and they were 3 to 4 times more expensive. The kids work their behinds off while they are there, but imagine talented kids writers, film, visual arts, dance, instrumentalists, vocalists, theater collaborating across artistic fields and with professionals for one month and living on a college campus – I wanted to go!

Its about thirty minutes north of Los Angeles.

csssa creative writing

I think you’ll have a great time no matter which you choose. Wgiting it more stressful in terms of workload and classes, or the complexity of the projects and the length, do you think?


I took dramatic writing and while we spent most writjng the time on dramatic structure which applies to play scripts or screenplays we did also learn some stuff specific to how screenplays work. Do I like beat poetry? We had at least one student from out-of-state, maybe two.

What are your obsessions and preoccupations? For instance, I want to be a journalist, and I picked creative writing. I myself am a competitive person, but I probably won’t have as much experience as others when I go there. I’ve taught there eight years.

csssa creative writing

Soon the past entries will be tagged for your browsing ease! Jan Our daughter is thinking of applying to CSSSA and we’re wondering what sorts of experiences others have had there.

Would you say that more of the work was technical because of the hands-on kind of experience with actual materials? The students do have to audition or put together a couple of portfolio items creativw get a teacher recommendation.