So the usual plural would be CVs. A curriculum vitae English: But you still wouldn’t have more than one life to describe, so it would still be vitae. According to Webster’s Dictionary: Please go to the Merriam Webster’s dictionary website and you would realize that the only correct alternative is ‘curricula vitae’ and no other. Any help would be appreciated.

Actually, my vote would go to CVs. To do otherwise is awkward, redundant, and wrong, regardless of the number of houses, laws, seas, lives, etc. Hello everyone, I need to use “curriculum vitae” in the plural. I have translated a wide range of documents such as contracts, certificates, brochures, instruction booklets and curricula vitae into several languages. I was wondering if Curriculum Vita is indeed the usage for a single CV.

curriculum vitae

I think it may not reach the heights of pomposity but if you feel CV is too informal, then you have little choice. I think that covers most of it. I see no reason why “curricula vitae” cannot be put forward as both understandable AND grammatically correct as well. A good CV must have at a glance all the information the recruiter needs.



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Since it’s Latin, I think it should be “curricula vitarum”? If it helps my sentence is. Actually, the nominative plural of “vita” is “vitae” like the genitive singular.

Latin term or phrase: I tried a couple of them and they turned out to be collections of CVs. The misunderstanding surrounding this issue is astonishing.

I am interested to see whether there are people who would use an English plural form. In this case, it’s a modifier for the singular word “curriculum.

curricula vitarum

Hi, I’m wondering what is the correct plural of Curriculum Vitae? If life had more than one meaning it would be meanings of life not meanings of lives. The singular form you have – curriculum vitae – is correct vitae being the singluar genitive form of vita.

The original question is: Also data is plural, and datum is singular.

Forums English Only English Only. I checked with a Latin expert at the University of Minnesota, have clarified the information, and here are the facts. Krevans for the clarification.

According to Webster’s Dictionary: Actually, I do not entirely agree with porsche. Is it Vita or Vitae?


curriculum vitae curricula vitarum

I am not a Latin scholar, but I think it would be curricula vitae. The plural of curriculum vitae is curricula vitae.

What is the plural of curriculum vitae? – Quora

A curriculum vitae English: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The discipline of Family Science is vibrant and growing. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. In the singular I wouldn’t have used CV. Last edited by a moderator: Post Your ideas for ProZ.

Man of the house becomes men of the house, not men of the houses even if they live in different houses.

curriculum vitae curricula vitarum

The accurate term for the CV is the “curriculum vitae. Resumes are usually curriculx and current, and there’s a standard that one should not exceed two pages one page in my experience. Login to enter a peer comment or grade.

Well, I still stand by general gist of what I just posted.