The aim of the current Commission proposal for a regulation is to reduce the amount of phosphorus used in detergents in domestic washing machines. Views Read Edit View history. It is for those who have themselves experienced the consolations of the Catholic religion to do their best, each in his own way, to make known to others outside our body what things may be found within. Becky Birtwistle Monday, 27th January, at 5: At the time her victory interrupted 70 years of leftwing local leadership [11] and Cascina became the first large municipality won by Lega Nord Toscana in the region and the second in general after Bagni di Lucca in the s. The Arab revolutions have redefined the contours of the European Neighbourhood Policy. This report works towards improved information and protection for consumers, seeking the best possible quality in the products that we consume on a daily basis.

We have an opportunity to improve this agreement in future on behalf of Morocco, Western Sahara and the Union. Its general aim is to ensure greater consumer safety and environmental protection because these substances can be, and often are, harmful. Again, the will to make changes seems to be lacking. In March she made public that she is expecting a baby from her patner, due in September Really, someone dumped a colorful woven headband in my front ditch, and I cut it up and superglued them to the edge.

This measure will help to make consumers more aware of the content of these products, and consumers will more easily understand the quality of a given product. I am also glad that the report confirmed new tools such as the European Endowment for Democracy. It also alludes curridulum the possible negative impact that these measures may have on their military capabilities.

Iva ZANICCHI – MEP | EPP Group in the European Parliament

Given that the sector for fruit juices and other similar products is an industry with a considerable market share in the Curricullum Union, the revised rules on vitaw composition and labelling of these products and a clear indication of added sugar will ensure the high quality of all products sold throughout the EU and will help improve the internal market. In the Mediterranean, we are dealing with important non-European neighbours, while in the East, we are dealing with European countries which, for various reasons, are not able to be granted candidate status at the present time.


The implementation of the provisions of this directive will enable consumers to choose a product that has undergone as little processing and is as natural as possible. It also recognises the need to build effective regional partnerships, as this is in the interests of the EU as a whole and best done collectively.

curriculum vitae iva zanicchi

The deadline for laundry detergents is set at In addition, labelling, classification, approved additives and practices are to be clarified. Firstly, we need effective alternatives, and, secondly, we obviously also need to examine the environmental impact of these effective alternatives, because there is no point in essentially replacing one pollutant with another one.

Juozas Imbrasas EFDin writing. Without wishing to jeopardise any zanicchhi of import policy, this report encourages local production, which should not be transported vast distances because of the resulting CO 2 emissions, and which is produced under social and working conditions that comply with EU legislation and EU food safety principles.


The amendment to the directive also introduces a new obligation to indicate on the packaging, in lettering at least half the size of the product name, whether it is a fruit juice, nectar, drink or lemonade.

Shari Strong is a Breakthrough Strategist. If you like the circus, grit and determination, and misfit heroes, then this book is for you. Functional correspondence official letters, CV etc. The regime did its very best to scare people into not attending the protests. Every year, the European Court of Auditors once more finds irregularities and errors in the payment of the pre-accession assistance.

IvaZanicchi – La Quadrature du Net

You would have thought, with everything going on in the world at the moment, that we would be aware zanicchl the dangers of repeating the mistakes of the s and adding to a downturn with protectionism. If we look at the environmental impact of phosphates on European waters, we can see that it is a matter of urgency to make drastic reductions in the amount of phosphates and phosphate-derived products in European waters, which is reducing water quality year by year.

I threw it out because I believe that a story that makes such allegations must be attributed and multi sourced. The final document highlights the key role played by this House in banning vite sugar in products sold as fruit juices and in clarifying the presence of sugars or sweeteners in similar drinks.


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In addition, the accession process for Turkey should generally be stopped, as Turkey is not a suitable candidate country, and it continues to prove this itself impressively again and again.

curriculum vitae iva zanicchi

The people of Western Sahara must not be prevented from benefiting from their own resources on account of an agreement between Morocco and the EU. The report recommends sensible measures relating to consumer transparency and will allow EU citizens to more easily make informed and healthy choices as regards what they consume. In Europe, the Baltic and the Danube basin have been worst affected by the increased use of phosphates, particularly from washing machines and dishwashers.

That is because, under this directive, producers were obliged to indicate on labels whether the juice was produced from concentrate or whether it is genuine pressed fruit juice. I have voted in favour of this report because it enables the prohibition of phosphates to be extended to the entire European Union for laundry detergents and dishwasher detergents.

Please let me know as I was so looking forward to attending. Roberta Angelilli PPEin writing.

curriculum vitae iva zanicchi

Attention is drawn to the fact that the degree of alignment of Iceland with EU legislation through the European Economic Area Agreement and its level of economic and social development iv it an exception among candidate countries. They will seek a bailout from the European Globalisation Fund because they did not bother to take advantage of global supply chains and compete globally; they sought protectionism.


I hope that such flexible, fast and targeted instruments will be able to effectively support the democratic process in the world; that is the reason I voted for the adoption of the report. I believe that the phosphate-free claim should not be allowed for product categories for which the ban on phosphates is already in force.

Since the report takes these aspects into account, I voted in favour of it.