The goal of the thesis is to expand the existing survey in one of the given scheduling fields. Phd thesis, Ulm University. However, the increasing number of products manufactured and sold increases the impact of the economy on the environment. In the Thesis Guide you will find an overview of the methods and detailed instructions for working with them. The thesis should describe the conjoint analysis and how it has been used in the literature with focus on railways. What is the current state of research in these areas and what are potentials topics for future research? Fleet Assignment in the Airline Scheduling Process For the fleet assignment FA the chosen flight legs from schedule design are assigned to a particular fleet of an airline in order to manage the tradeoff between lost revenue from spill of customers and higher operational costs for larger aircraft.

A simple application example might illustrate the differences of the approaches and make them more transparent. Key questions might be: The desire to save, or at least to manage time better, is an important factor in convenience consumption. Based on that the focus should be set on the interface of marketing and operations research by presenting current research papers linking tools and techniques from both areas. Railway companies are often confronted with delayed trains that can cause a disarranged timetable.

Das Ziel dieser Arbeit ist es entsprechend im ersten Schritt, die unterschiedlichen Formen des Nutzens erwarteter, unmittelbarer und erinnerter Nutzen zu definieren. To achieve these goals both qualitative e.

One challenge for railway companies is the design of services that fit customer needs.

The topic of this thesis is to survey the literature about crew scheduling thwsis to summarize the respective contents. Concluding from the main findings, a plan for future research in this field should be developed. Zulassung zur Masterarbeit und Struktur der Arbeit. They can be divided into macroscopic and microscopic models.


Delay management models try to answer the question if connections should be maintained in case of delays.

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One of the main claims is as follows: Alternatively, there is also an incident-based approach that is especially designed for services. Die dem Modell zugrundeliegende Datenerhebung erfolgt dabei meist mithilfe einer Thrsis. For which services or industries is the tool best suited? Since then it has been recognized as one of the most suitable and powerful tools to visualize and analyze service processes.

Bid-price control policies are used by many airlines dateberhebung decisions like when to open and close customer fare classes for sale. This bachelor thesis should review both of these approaches and explain the diverse ways of calculating remembered utility.

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The thesis should point out drawbacks of existing facility location models with respect to the decision-making process in integrated supply chain planning. The thesis should describe this model and explain the heuristics used to find solutions as well as the associated numerical study. How to utilize concepts known from BPM e. A fixed setup cost and a linear ordering cost are incurred if products are ordered.

Bacheloe objective of the thesis is to critically review and classify the literature regarding the route planning bafhelor schedule design and approaches to manage emissions, present the state-of-the-art, and assess the potential to achieve environmental improvements. Has the perspective or the focus changed over time?

How do I write an empirical thesis as a bachelor’s or master’s thesis?

In the literature exist rerouting models for aircraft as well as for railways. Also, tourists while selecting a restaurant are more confident about the restaurant in terms of quality, if it has longer wait times. In addition it should be briefly discussed how these approaches could be applied in different industries.


Convenience in Service Industry In highly competitive businesses, offering similar services or products, the service provider needs to strengthen its position in the market with respect to its competitors; by offering a unique and convenient service experience.

The thesis should conclude by deriving implications for future research. In each of the three hierarchical layers the level of detail increases from a general conceptual perspective to the detailed design of the service encounter.

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Beside of key concepts and important quantitative models in this field, the thesis should also collect and present ideas for future research. This thesis should identify and analyze these new approaches and compare dateneghebung to traditional revenue management techniques to derive implications for the field of revenue management.

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Da brauchst du eine Menge wissenschaftlicher Neugier! Toyota is known htesis its lean management process. After participating in the class you should be able to do the following: The underlying idea is that any service might not only be evaluated based on the outcome itself, but additionally on the process executed to achieve the outcome.

In the literature, many different approaches to deal with delays are known.

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Economic growth of course directly translates to growth of the corporate sector in the industrialized world. Revenue Management RM techniques are typically datsnerhebung in medium or large sized companies. Some models in the literature try to focus on demand for railways.