What made the Morazan massacre stories so threatening was that they repudiated the fundamental moral claim that undergirded US policy. George Melloan, who had contributed to the editorial, went on the televised McNeil-Lehrer Report to say that “obviously Ray Bonner has a political orientation. I think every reporter down there wanted to go in with the guerrillas. There were more along the trail leading through the hills into the village, and at the edge of a nearby cornfield were the remains of 14 young men, women and children. Bonner took a leave of absence to write a book on El Salvador and then resigned from the Times in

Retrieved November 4, Some soldiers hesitated about killing children. But that did not mean it believed her account. That led to an air of mistrust. Waiting for justice nearly 40 years later Juan Antonio Pereira watched as soldiers gunned down his wife and children.

Archived from the original on November 6, A Reagan official wrote a letter to the Post stating that she had once worked for a communist newspaper in Mexico, which Guillermoprieto denied. Retrieved May 1, What made the Morazan massacre stories so threatening was that they repudiated the fundamental moral claim that undergirded US policy.

Upon arrival, the soldiers found not only the residents of the village but also campesinos who had sought refuge from the surrounding area. More than 40 percent of the dead were younger than ten years old. How do we know how many people were killed? Despite the obvious hatred of him by right wing extremists, he would jog by himself every morning. His fourth would follow. Archived from the original on November 4, On December 12, the battalion moved on to the town of Los Toriles where Pereira lived.

Remembering El Mozote, the Worst Massacre in Modern Latin American History | The Nation

In October, a judge ordered the El Mozote case reopened, calling for military and other records to be turned over and, eventually, for a public hearing to be held. Skulls, rib cages, femurs, a spinal column and countless other pieces of bone poked out of ruble.


el mozote massacre case study

Mozoote guilty of crimes will not face jail terms, however. The rebel soldiers also gave the reporters their version of events, and Guillermoprieto said that an American working in the area also described what he believed had taken place. They separated the men from the women and children and locked them in separate groups in the church, the studj, and various houses. The reassignment, however, was interpreted in some journalistic circles as a repudiation of Bonner and a surrender to pressures from the Reagan Administration.

Timeline of Accountability Efforts: The department was chastised for going even further than Enders in trying to discredit the Bonner and Guillermoprieto stories in its correspondence with members of Congress.

el mozote massacre case study

Instead of setting them free, they murdered them just as they had the men. La Gaucamaya also happened to be home to Radio Venceremos, an underground radio station that specialized in spreading guerrilla propaganda, reporting on guerrilla and social-movement organizing, casd merciless mockery of the government.

New York Times correspondent Raymond Bonner underplayed that possibility, for example, in a much-protested January 27 report of a massacre by the army in and around the village of Mozote.

El Mozote massacre: Waiting for justice nearly 40 years later

He had lived in Plantation, Florida sincewhen the first Bush administration had granted massacree political asylum. You could see vertebrae and femurs sticking out.

On the day of the massacre – December 12, – Pereira, 43 at the time, was at home in the Salvadoran village of Mozite Toriles with his wife. Her plan to get the copy to the Post involved several simple but crucial steps. Soon, however, they switched to taking the men out in groups of around four each, blindfolded and their hands tied behind their backs, marching them out to the massacree, ordering them to lie on the ground, and then shooting them in their heads.


El Mozote massacre

But the promotion did not work out well. Shouting and pushing, the hundreds of Atlacatl members gathered ,assacre people into the street, some carrying infants or holding onto children, and ordered them to lie face down. Rufina, at the back, dropped to her knees and begged God for forgiveness. She and her son watched as he and another man were gunned down while trying to escape, then beheaded as they lay dying.

el mozote massacre case study

From their separate interviews and observations, Bonner and Guillermoprieto, who did not consult each other afterwards, put together more or less the same basic account of what had happened:. The most damning evidence was exhumed in the sacristy. Monterrosa himself had spent some of his early years attending courses at the School of the Americas, which has long churned out Latin American soldiers responsible for subsequent human-rights abuses and coups throughout the hemisphere.

Survivors of the El Mozote massacre, who were parties to the complaint, are cited to give testimony in pretrial proceedings in the El Mozote case.