In conjunction with World Environment Day I would like to – highlight the issue of conservation. It is only those that carry the virus that would spread the disease. It means being considerate towards others at all times, listening when others are talking, being sensitive when the need arises and most of all, being polite to everyone. When people do not get enough sleep, they become confused, irritated and may make mistakes because they are less attentive. Social networking can also help people to improve their general knowledge. Today, I would like to talk about the importance of discipline.

A couple weeks ago, my family and I went for an outing to Bukit Segar waterfall. As I was getting my change, the sound of a loud brake screeching and a bang were vibrating through the air. Everyone was satisfied thus we packed our stuff and reached home before dusk. How to write a paper. I was in a cloud nine after receiving my food to fuel the day. Drivers should not be driving if they feel like their eyes are as heavy as a stone.

Qualities of a courteous person. This is some information.

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Eport the character and conduct of an introduction research paper no plagiarism be careful. As the secretary of the Environmental Club, you are asked to snglish a report on the campaign. So, we took a family photo to keep the memorable day as a souvenir.


Pursue rxamples hobby to lead a balanced and fulfilling life. Anonymous Thu Nov 16, Another benefit of watching television is that it is a good way to de-stress after a tiring day.

Sadly, some students have also resorted to crimes such as robbery. Pon Pon Production Tue May 15, I am here to talk to you about the importance of organ donation. Someone in your neighbourhood has done a good deed.

Use facts to support what you are saying. Pon Pon Production Tue May 15, Without stress, we would not care about preparing for exams and other events in our lives.

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How to Reduce Exam-Related Stress. There were many activities offered during the campaign to draw the students to join the campaign. Volunteer of Flood Rescue Mission. At this point, I am looking for a job that I can complete wholly from my home office.

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Use the format of a speech. The night before heading back, the group had a barbecue on the beach. I was looking for the speech writing services on the internet and suddenly i have seen your blog related to the speech writing p3t and you have written very well as i am able to see here, keep up doing well and keep posting with new post here State reason why organ donation is necessary.


The chilly water touched our nerves in a very serene way. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Present your ideas as clarity as possible. World Emglish Day I would like to – highlight the issue of conservation. Students were encouraged to bring any recyclable items that they could find at home to school on any day of the month.

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Describe the recycling campaign. Our Environmental Activists have spread the words regarding recycling and I will share with you the easiest way to do it which is, sorting out the items accordingly.

Take note of who your ennglish is. I can also edit and proofread your writings.

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There are many ways of protecting the environment. Good morning to our wise principal, beloved teachers, and all my friends. Addictive – of an activity of behaviour that makes people unable to stop doing it.