How is her method of research appropriate for the story she wanted to tell? Then ask them to survey at least 25 people. The following is the criteria that you will also be graded on. Instruct students to read about the Dream Act on the following website: In many ways, Enrique is emblematic of many of his countrymen who came to the United States illegally.

An Analysis of Heroism and the Journey in Star Wars An eight page research paper considering the literary concept of the hero’s journey in this classic science fiction film by direct Contrast the images of the United States that Lourdes and Enrique see on television versus what each finds in the United States. Describe the guilt that Lourdes feels when she leaves her children. Compare and contrast the fear that Enrique experiences in Florida to what he faced on his journey to the United States. In a well-constructed essay, argue why or why not the American Dream fails people who come here in search of it. The following is the criteria that you will also be graded on. Encourage peer editing for clarity of ideas, spelling, and grammar.

However, most people could neither provide jobs nor food.

After difficult stays with other relatives, Enrique sets out to find his mother. Ask the groups to share their quotes in class. Enrique continues his struggle with drug addiction, and suffers from depression.


Is it worth it topicz Enrique’s mother? Your essay must be at least 3 pages longhave a Works Cited Pageand must go through at least 1 revision. Display the following map: What sparked the idea for the book?

enriques journey essay topics

How do Padre Leo and Olga work to restore joureny to migrants, and give them hope? Therefore, the people in Nuevo Laredo are evil due to their vices and lack of compassion.

Correlates to Common Core Standards Reading: How might his story be a lesson about the perils of drug use and addiction?

Enrique’s Journey

What is the overall attitude about this act? Also available in a handy-dandy PDF handout below. Finally, what do immigrants think we can learn from them? To download the original guide, go to: Some civilians also brandish machetes as they seek out illegal migrants. What is the significance of the statue of Jesus Enrique encounters? Consequently, he sees the urgent need to obtain her number and telephone her.

Context for your quotes so that the reader understands the situation. Sherriff’s Journey’s End In five pages these plays are compared and analyzed in a consideration of irony and expectation as well as appearance versus reali Explain the following quote: There are more than six sources cited in the b Be sure to address the concerns and arguments of those who think differently than you do.


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Trace the different names given to the train. In seven pages Enriqhes Paul’s 4 missionary journeys are described in this outline. Discuss the effect of immigration on families. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband.

enriques journey essay topics

The judge orders Enrique deported. Have students interview a school administrator about the issues related to immigrant children in the school environment.

Have students write about why people might have different views on immigration and how that can affect how people are treated. Discuss the environment in which Diana lives.

Use two sources and the text in your essay. How is his father partly responsible? Consequently, he gets stuck at the border for several days. Why does Lourdes fear that it puts her at risk for deportation? In many ways, Enrique is emblematic of many of his countrymen who came to the United States illegally.

enriques journey essay topics