Since, we determined in giving the good quality banana with the lowest price offer. Melaka also surrounded with working place, universities, college and housing area. They had been a great helper to us in completing this proposal. By this planning, all strategies and compilation canbe effectively identified that it can be solved in a short time without affecting the business. Not to mention that our location is very suitable for banana plantation, but it always get a high demand for from customer. Besides that, the price that we offer is also very affordable which is the cheapest among the competitors.

We chose this business because we want togive something new to bakery and pastry products already existing now. Thus, the graph show that our business is in a good position since the quick ratios is high. Bankruptcy or Dissolution of Partnership: The method that we are using to promote our product is through: Period of Partner Agreement:


Delicious Bakery And Pastry is a company we actively establishedand Own by the partnership. Distribution of Profits and Loss: We expected the number of the potential buyer will increase over year.

Responsible of the cash flow and budgeting plan of the business. Paint the palette exaple with the colour requested. Any report required by Part II of this Schedule shall either indicate by way of note any adjustments as ent030 the figures of any profits or losses or assets and liabilities dealt with by the report which appear to the persons making the report necessary or shall make those adjustments and indicate that adjustments have been made.


Small tarts and other sweet baked products are called pastries This word refer to the started or our business This word refer to the things that we used to make bakery and pastry 32 P a g e. The capital of the partnership shall be contributed in cash by the partners as exaple Furthermore, it is also allow our customer to lower their budget costs as our product that we are offered busines at affordable price.

ent300 business plan example

Log In Sign Up. Inventory Turnover 1 1 1 1 1 Times 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 3 Year Inventory turnover determines the number of times inventories have been converted into busibess and indicates how liquid the inventory is.

The amount of the rental is RM for three years. So that our companies can concentrate on the production of the food, and provide excellent food to our customers by supplying our products according to demand. They can see our blueprints in every product that we produce.

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They can take that to compare the blueprint and the actual product. A fee of RM Thank you for our all classmates whom also help us in giving us the lpan whenneeded. The production operation refers to the amount of output that can be produced within a specific time. Cost of Sales Opening stock Purchases 13, 13, 13, Less: But, our signature product would be the multi-purpose furniture as we promoting something that could be better and easier.

ent300 business plan example

Financial Manager Lina stage 2stage 4stage 6stage 8, stage 10 and stage Period of Partner Agreement: Violet The Carpenter is a company which focuses on production of furniture in Malaysia. General1 Manager 1 Besides that, the price that we offer is also very affordable which is the cheapest among the competitors.


License premises and signboard from dbkl is required in order to start premises and apply for signboard. Work in time and expert in using Myob application.

In order to make Violet The Carpenter more attractive, we have come up with marketing plans for the next year. The graph show that Platanos Enterprise is more efficient at converting sales into actual profit because of the higher net profit margin. Voluntary TerminationThe partnership may be dissolved at any time by agreement of the partners, in whichevent the partners shall proceed with reasonable promptness to liquidate thebusiness of the partnership.

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Agripreneurship model for banana farmers of Bhagalpur, Bihar: You can even get them for free. We plan all the structure required for this business so that all the process andprocedure on starting this business can go smoothly with less problems.

The potential purchase includes purchase of the competitor within the same market. This business was founded and managed by five partners and determined to give a great opportunity to public to supply our product in order to conquer our market.