An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government! Unfortunately most who doodled in class did not become great artists. Actually, the system fails them, not the other way around. Right now, it is a erica for most people goldson determine that their goal is to get out as soon as possible. I’m autistic, and my particular place on the spectrum means I’m high functioning with Asperger’s, but that doesn’t mean the school was an environment in which I could ever have excelled.

As a father of three, the daily struggle to awaken my “comatose” children is raging. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the leisure here! Perfection in action calls for doing what you are supposed to do what your heart tells you to do and then do not bother about the results. Are you tired of seeking loans and Mortgages,have you been turned down constantly By your banks and other financial institutions,We offer any form of loan to individuals and corporate bodies at low interest rate. I found your blog when I was looking for a different sort of information wonderful collection, but I was very happy and glad to read through your blog.

Mencken wrote in The American Mercury for April that the aim of public education is not to fill the goldson of the species with knowledge and awaken their intelligence. Perhaps, you only learned how to memorize names, places, and dates to later on forget in order to clear your mind for the next test. Anonymous June 8, at 3: A true holdson You’re your own person now.


Erica goldson graduation speech comic

But now, I have successfully shown that I was the best slave. We are more than robotic bookshelves, conditioned to blurt out facts we were taught in school. May you please extend them a bit xomic subsequent time?

I fell back a lot during my junior year and that pretty much ruined my chances of getting into any decent college.

Sure, I earned it, but what will come of it?

Erica Goldson: The Valedictorian Who Spoke Out Against Schooling

Well said – and brave in so many ways. January 21,1: I have a new saying to tell people now when they ask me what I do, I can respond, “I’m unschooling myself”. I somehow found time to have a great social life, learn an instrument, gradjation two sports and relax and enjoy life.

erica goldson graduation speech comic

However this made me speecb in my teenage years and didn’t want to and was not interested in school anymore. June 13,7: Why do you say that?

Graduation Speech – Erica Goldson and Zen Pencils – Imgur

I just saw this on a friend’s facebook page today. I thank you deeply for your courage to speak out and the beauty with which you did so.

Well, yes, you learned something, but not all that you could have.

Yes, some classes surely placed too much emphasis on memorizing facts that would errica be forgotten, but you could not have done so well if you hadn’t also been able to learn some skills that will be useful to you later on. Your goal may well be to help the school systems change the way our children are taught; maybe to have them fully aware of the “real world”.


July 19,5: May 12,5: Then what is it actually? The inevitable battle I know the truth As a long time middle school wage-slave, I was thrilled to find that your avant-garde English teacher challenged ocmic to question the point of playing the ‘grade game’ in assembly-line schooling. If only I had heard this speech before srica 23 years in education getting a PhD!

You cannot accept the authority of the governing bodies that tell you what to teach, how to teach it, and that you will be punished if you do not comply.

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Say Quote July 29, at 2: The best rock musicians were classically trained; the greatest writers and artists spent years of painstaking effort developing their techniques. Your time is limited Letter to a young poet The faithful worker 3.

erica goldson graduation speech comic

The lucky ones Some Student cards can provide students discount prices on trains and buses, even though some will permit students to obtain certain provides at eating places too as on accommodation.

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