We propose to concentrate more on the development of our rural areas, where an overwhelming proportion of our people live and will always belong. She presided essay a period where India emerged with bihari power than before to become the regional hegemon of South Asia with considerable political, economic, and military developments. Molapo Lesotho , Vice-President, took the Chair. He completed his post-graduation with an M. In the year he became Prime Minister of India for 13 days and then again from to Its essence is not neutrality but freedom, which is the natural consequence of the struggle for the liberation of our nation from colonial rule and the liberation of the human spirit from subjugation and oppression.

Not sure about the answer? On behalf of India I pledge before this Assembly that our country will never be found wanting in its resolve to share in the sacrifice for the ideals of one world and for the welfare and greater glory of man. Log in to add a comment. Atal Bihari Vajpayee- the leader of millennium. The world rejoiced and believed that a comprehensive test-ban treaty was close at hand, but we are still waiting.

We do not seek affluence based on elitist consumption.

Man must be judged by what he is, and not by what he has. I want a free account! We shall also oppose moves or measures that are discriminatory in nature.

St Atal bihari vajpayee the leader of millennium essay of 500 words

A poet by heart, Atalji articulated poetry as one of the means of expressing himself in any given situation. However, the issue cannot be left to be leafer only by the efforts and struggle of that Organization. There is no question that all forms of racialism must be eradicated, root and branch.


essay atal bihari vajpayee the leader of millennium

He died on November 10, in New Delhi. We shall oppose, as before, any moves or measures that would stand in the way of the peaceful utilisation of nuclear energy. Free help with homework Free help with homework.

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We have accepted all along that divinity may have many forms. There bijari clearly urgent need to reconvene the Geneva Conference, with the participation of the Palestine Liberation Organization in it.

India seeks friendship with all and dominance over none. He is really the man of the millennium who knows how to lead from front.

He died on 10 April the New Delhi.

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India would like to see the problem of Zimbabwe resolved at the earliest possible moment through peaceful means. Fourthly, despite their division into nation-States, the people of the world constitute one family.

Answer quality is ensured by our experts. In the final analysis, I return to my basic theme.

We are not a nuclear-weapon Power and have no intention of being one. Our achievements are noteworthy, but challenging tasks lie ahead. Atal Bihari Vajpayee- the leader of millennium. The entry of these two countries into the United Nations has taken this Organization one step closer to its goal of universality.

And interdependence demands that we should all look beyond our national horizons and display a spirit of accommodation and sacrifice in order to share with the rest of mankind the fruits of progress and prosperity.



India’s dedication to these principles is even deeper today. It has thus welcomed the positive elements in the recent Anglo-United States initiative taken towards thw establishment of genuine majority rule within a time-bound framework. Shekhar was known for abiding by the parliamentary millenniums vajpayee was honoured with the inaugural Outstanding Parliamentarian Award in He led the Samajwadi Janata Party.

For thirteen days he became the prime minister of India in and again from till Our scriptures and epics have all along made one central point: Vajpayee, in his role as foreign minister and prime minister, visited the UN headquarters to deliver speeches to the UNGA on seven bihqri from to We have no magic wand or instant solutions to the myriad problems inherited from the near and the distant past.

Even today, imllennium speech in Hindi at the United Nations General Assembly is still recalled as one of the best speeches. Your election is as much a eesay to your personal eminence and wide diplomatic experience as to Yugoslavia and the role it has been playing in strengthening the forces of peace and stability.

essay atal bihari vajpayee the leader of millennium

The new Government has reiterated this position in unambiguous terms. Economic issues are an increasingly vital dimension of international relations.