Currently, 24 million crude oil is being extracted annually, which will be exhausted in years at current rate if new wells are not discovered and utilized, as total estimated reserves are around million barrels. The performance of lower judiciary has resulted in loss of trust of general public in courts and thus the Taliban-type speedy justice system attracts public support in certain areas. Pakistan can overcome this energy crisis by utilising its un-used coal reserves. The hydrocarbons are the chief source of green house gases-carbon dioxide, Methane, fluorine, which cause global warning. It is sustainable and clean. Mean annual discharge of Indus River at the site is 50 maf. I think the understanding of examination was crucial in qualifying exams.

Pakistan has had only a wobbling democracy. Where as in Thar the coal seams are present at a depth of meter. Friday, December 31, Energy Crisis in Pakistan. There are two scientific approaches that are being pitted against each other: The Arab countries possess 61 per cent of oil reserves of the world but they are not big consumers.

The performance of lower judiciary has resulted in loss of trust of general public in courts and thus sovhar Taliban-type speedy justice system attracts public support in certain areas. The Central Asian and South American countries have also multiplied their consumption due to rapid industrialisation. At present, the wind energy constitutes 0.

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Are you in need of a Loan to pay off your debt and start a new life? This includes wind power, biodiesel or biomass, solar and tidal. There are three basic uses of water in the modern civilization— agriculture, industry and human consumption.

Terrorism is the biggest threat to a viable state. However, the real damage was exposed only after the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, when there emerged weaponization and violence in Pakistan. As the speculations cause increase in the prices, the oil producing countries get higher profits. My considered opinion is that Thar geology is against the pre-requisites for UCG.


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An alternative to furnace oil for production of electricity is coal. By building mega water reservoirs our canals will become perennial and no longer be seasonal. Household consumers waste lot of electrons with their electrical devices, including TV, computers and lightings.

The dam project would cover an area of Km and extend Km upstream of the dam site up to Raikot Bridge on Karakoram highway.


New reservoirs will generate mw of power, which would certainly bring down the rate of electricity. In transportation, many reforms can be made: Two; the civil society also needs to come forward and play its role in sorting krshad the problems face by the nation.

Solved Everyday Science Papers. Nobody could tell him about the shortfall in the supply that would engender an energy crisis for coming government s.

It can be imported.

It should have been an isolated location. Third, the supply of hydrocarbons is also affected by the political condition in the resource countries. Media can be used to educate people and bring krshad on board about challenges faced by the country. I need support to approval the comment some people view our business.

Essay of irshad sodhar

Control over energy has become a cause of wars among nations, only indicating how critically important this resource; although power of collaboration is being underestimated. But given the potential of energy and the capacity of technology to safeguard the nuclear plants, it is the quickest option to solve the energy crises in the world as one nuclear pellet finger produces energy equivalent to cubic feet of natural gas.


essay of irshad sodhar

Now, however, in many other area of the world, population growth, economic development, rapid urbanization and industrialization, are applying continuous pressure on the already limited water resources of Pakistan. Due to the lack of large river regulation capability through sizable storages, the country is facing serious shortages in food grains. Besides, the CSS candidate must have hope and will of qualifying exam, which gives him confidence in attempting papers, alongwith fear of failure, which gears him to work hard.

essay of irshad sodhar

The 20th century and dawn of the 21st century have seen wars fought for oil. In recent past, more than Shiites were killed in Quetta in one attack. Second, natural gas became the fast growing energy source in various sectors of the economy. The coal currently being extracted is sodhsr not good quality, used primarily in brick kiln and cement industries. However, he excels other animals in that he has learned to utilize waterpower.

Despite their enormous benefits, the renewable sources of energy have not been exploited sufficiently due to many reasons. Moreover, a huge campaign is required to defeat the ideologies of terrorists.