They say it is still hard to eat or laugh the way they did when he was alive. Aimal Khan always wondered why the most hardworking people in his city used to sleep in the streets. He enjoyed playing cricket and was good at the game. Thanks DAWN for remembering these innocent victims of evil. But when he saw that one of his best friends was shot and bleeding profusely, he picked him up and tried taking him out of the school. Mohsin liked eating all kinds of food but fish, in particular, was his favourite.

Before APS, he took admission in Oswa Public School where he skipped nursery and prep to be placed in Class 1 for being exceptionally gifted. International reaction to the attack was also widespread, with many countries and international organizations condemning the attack and expressing their condolences to the families of the victims. Be it a Spelling Bee or excellence in Arts, Baqir was an extraordinary student. Zahid Abdullah Shah Siblings: Despite his limited salary he fulfilled all their demands.

Although there have been attempts by militant groups to kidnap about school teachers and pupils in the tribal region of Pakistan, many of these attempts failed as those abducted either escaped or were rescued by the Pakistani military.

When everyone slept at night, Abdullah would wake up and make sure all the doors of the house were locked.

essay on aps peshawar attack in english

Famia Fozan 16 and Fiza Fozan 9. She would lovingly make sweet parathas for her grandson.

essay on aps peshawar attack in english

He dreamt of opening a hospital that treated the poor free of charge. He excelled in both studies and extra-curricular activities and had won several medals for his achievements. Two of her school mates, Shazia Ramzan and Kainat Riaz, were also injured in the attack.


He called out to the others to tell his brother Ahmed, also a student at the school, to come help him. More than students and staff were killed, many of them executed at point-blank range by gunmen who also detonated bombs around the school buildings. The eldest of six children, Muhammad Daud had dreams of serving his nation as an army officer. For this reason, his father got four suits tailor-made for him.

One of his favourite activities was visiting the bazaar inside Peshawar Cantonment to sip on hot corn soup with his brother.

A and Iran Trump — agent provocateur. He was quite particular about his clothes and would often ask his father to buy him new outfits. He also liked horse-riding and often went to parks for the very purpose.

2014 Peshawar school massacre

He was utterly devoted to the school, and students remember him as honest and dedicated. Ahmad Ali Shah 14 and Ayesha Gulali His mother says he would deliberately break his toys and then repair them by himself. Aimal Khan always wondered why the most hardworking people in his city used to sleep in the streets.

A month in, Ahmed returned to APS and wanted to leave. When firing started in the auditorium, Syed Ahsan Ali and his friends — like other students — thought it was a routine drill.

Mohsin liked eating all kinds of food but fish, in particular, was his favourite.

His father remembers how Tanveer would also help his mother out in house chores and was a source of support to all members of the family. He enjoyed reading often reading books that were not part of his coursework to increase his knowledge. According to the Iranian-American scholar, Vali Nasr”the Taliban may be trying to slacken the resolve of the military by suggesting that there could be a tremendous human costs to the military offensive and create public pressure on the military to back off from this offensive, but it may actually ricochet on them.


Her students say she was a wonderful pesuawar and zps her command over the English language was impressive.

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At the time Awais said he may not be alive to see it. Over 10 killed in Pakistani Taliban attack, hundreds of students hostage”. Readers’ comments can be found by Google and other search engines. Hers was just one incident of many in which pupils, schools and school teachers in Pakistan were targeted.

A jovial child, Salman cracked jokes all the time and would do parodies of famous actors and celebrities. His father says Azaan kept watch through the night so he and his friends could sleep. His youngest sister Maria was his favourite.

He used to tell his father that he would like to become a religious scholar. Son of Lt Col. But because he was a good student, no one ever became angry with him. His wife says he was a wonderful husband and also a loving and responsible father.