So far, I read that the story is about Darcy Wills, who is a girl having struggles with family and schools struggles. I would recommend this book to people who like to read stories with a lot of drama because this story was packed with it. The man had on a New York Yankees hat. She see’s that she has to save her sister and fragile family before its too late. I give most of my praise to that. Plus, though it doesn’t really fit the story but it’s a good message to convey, a very important lesson Darcy learned is to not judge a book by it’s cover.

Then, after a few days grandma tells Darcy,”We went to the mountains and ate fried fish and listened to the wind in the trees. Hakeem was a quiet boy in Bluford High i guess because he was new there but, when he first layed his eye on Darcy he knew she was the one for him. She was a year-old and a sophomore at Bluford High. With making new friends along the way and become a more sociable person. If you read this book you will like Darcy because she always seted a good example for her little sister Jamee through out the whole book. Send your email To.

My life is very different; although I live in a society full of violence and problems, my family is very united, when there are problems we dialogue to resolve them and is full of love. Darcy Wills is in big trouble. I like this 0.


Lost and Found

The Running Man by Stephen King. Sign up for one. The main character Darcy gets straight A’s at Bluford high.

And that he still though about them even after he left. Do they all get together like the past or did their dad leave again? It talks about everybody not just Darcy; everybody seems to be important in this book.

I know my friends feel the same way!!!! She starts having problems with her boyfriend who beat her. How will Darcy React when she finds out that the man who has been following her home is no stalker, but a relative that she has not seen in years?

Lost and found over all was a pretty good book. Darcy talked to her grandma about the situation at school. Somebody called their phone and nobody talked all you could hear was a scream.

essay on lost and found by anne schraff

Heartbroken and spurned Kassidy starts an Anti-Love Club in response Their father leaves them to live on their own. I am glad that Cooper was being a nice and caring friendhe stood by Roylins side the whole time because I would of said bye you on your own but he didn’t.

That’s deep and a great concept to work with in a novel like this.

Lost and Found (Bluford High, #1) by Anne Schraff

The story also took place on the mountains, especially towards the end of the story. To view it, click here. She really relizes that she is in big trouble and scared for her life.


essay on lost and found by anne schraff

It is a relatable book and is an easy book to follow along with. Tarah told him that the school came from Jim Bluford, a football player and won the Super Bowl 5 times in a row. Darcy was shocked when she found out who was stalking her, which left her not knowing who to turn to.

Lost and found, is the title of this amazing book. I’m exitated because I finished my first book!!!!!!!!. Also, she’s forced to team up with a girl she doesn’t like at her school, Tarah, for a biology assignment. This book was, in my opinion, REAL. In this book i learned to be strong no matter loet.

Lost and Found also let teenagers know schradf running away from om isn’t no solutions of any of their problems. Darcy has been assigned to work with Tarah on a science project at school. Darcy Wills thinks she is going crazy. Darcy wanted to know why did he leave them for that 24 year old girl.

essay on lost and found by anne schraff

My favorite part in the story was the ending because in the end Darcy and her sister are back together at the hospital and their father and mother are also there together like before.