Only reason Pakistan is standing even after all this turmoil is because of men like him!!! In your memory, today we renew our commitment to our country and promise to play our part to develop and protect our homeland. Salute to u late Rashid. Great job by Dawn on publishing this article. Chaudhry thought that Minhas probably jettisoned the canopy at low altitude causing Rahman to be thrown from the cockpit because he was not strapped in. Eagle-on-the-green Yesterday at 1:

How mafia hoarded dollar? You all are our hero and will remain in our hearts. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Take that for the Teenage-Bravery. He was posted to PAF base Masroor to hone his craft as a fighter pilot.

essay on our national hero rashid minhas

This page was last edited on 22 Mayat Born on 17th Februarythis gallant son of soil got his early education from the city of lights, Karachi. Archived from the original on 25 July Pray for his eternal peace.

Remembering The National Hero- Rashid Minhas

When someone stands against wrong the almighty stands along him and gives him natiinal and power. In a Bengali ” traitor” instructor drives his car right along side the runway, cuts him off [hilar].

Nothing on those business houses called TV Channels. May 21, Opposition protest THE opposition has rrashid on one platform and the power maps are out one more time. You are alive, forever in our hearts! The young trainee pilot’s entire family attended the funeral, along with senior PAF and other Armed Forces personnel. How it was stolen from the market?


Rashid Minhas Shaheed – Dost Pakistan

Abdul Thanks for asking that question! Pakistan is standing due to bravery of such officers. A brave man and a real patriot. Any soldier laying down his life for his country is worth all respect. Dollar climbs to Rs Archived from the original on 8 September He prevented the uncontrolled plane from falling on innocent Indian civilians and in the effort laid his own life.

essay on our national hero rashid minhas

Both men were killed. He used to collect different models of aircraft and jets.

Notify me of new comments via email. Rashid Minhas spent his early childhood in Karachi. I salute this person, deserve true rasjid, what a class! Mary’s School in Rawalpindi when his father found an employment opportunity but later permanently settled in Karachi. May 21, Monetary policy hike THE State Bank shrugged off pressure from vested interests on Monday when it decided to raise the discount rate by a Did they give their life rashiv these corrupt politicians that have divided you in Mahajir, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pathan and Baloch?


A brave son of the soil, an inspiration to millions.

Rashid Minhas Shaheed

Hero of childhood days! The whole nation salutes you, the generations before us and the generations after us will continue to remember you.

We are so proud of you. He is remembered for his death in in a jet trainer crash while struggling to regain the controls from a defecting pilot: Salute to the brave soldier.

Indira Gandhi Heero Manekshaw P. We are in an urgent need of true heroes like him and not the false ones who come on TV or sit in the parliament to steal and plunder. A true patriot who can never be forgotten. Can any one shed some light on how Instructor Pilot forced his way into the rear cockpit, seized control of the aircraft.