Pathankot Pampore Uri Nagrota. The security was today stepped up in the city. According to a study conducted by the Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses , porous borders have rendered areas like Gurdaspur and Amritsar prominent heroin collection centers. Security was adequate but yes, some gaps have been found, says Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar. For example, locations of terrorist attacks or any other calamity are required to be cordoned off by local police immediately, and the press is kept at the outer perimeter at all times.

Revived Defence Intelligence Agency. On 14 January, several activists from the Hindu Sena,a right-wing Hindu nationalist group, vandalised the Delhi offices of Pakistan International Airlines. In turn, the media would always check with MEA before breaking any story they may have come across from any other source. Thus, such investigation and accounting must be institutionalized, as opposed to being left to the discretion of the political leadership. Other reports suggest that the terrorists might have sneaked in from Bamial village in Pathankot, a spot covered in thick foliage and unfenced rivulets which is often used by drug peddlers.

Police forces must address internal security duties, and properly trained and equipped paramilitary forces should address counterinsurgency.

Pathankot attack: ‘All terrorists dead’

However, the quality of their output is patchy and still lacks regular and institutionalized engagement between governmental decision-making personnel and academic institutions. Firing starts from two different locations, security forces realise more terrorists are alive Why essah no protocol in place to avoid such casualties?

It is amazing to see the Home Minister and Defence Minister claim that the operation was a success, in that the security forces were able to contain the terrorists to a limited area and ensure that there was no major damage to our strategic assets.

New boarding passes were distributed and passengers had to undergo a full security check a second time before boarding the plane again, causing a delay of four hours. The New York Times.


The Pathankot Attacks: The link between terrorism and the drug market

The Kargil Committee made some overall observations and recommendations that are relevant not only for the specific challenge posed by a hostile Pakistan but also for the overall management of national security. Crisis Management System in the Indian State The Indian state has a well-established crisis management system both at the central and state levels.

Initially the responsibilities of the principal secretary to the prime minister and NSA were vested in pathannkot same person. In the case of Kargil, we have an example of a government opening itself to scrutiny and investigation by experts outside of the governmental system.

Archived from the original on 18 September Questions were raised about the lack of clear command structure within the security forces, the long duration of the attack, high casualties, ;athankot of co-ordination between various units and premature statements claiming the end of the attack in spite of receiving accurate intelligence about the attack.

A senior officer of the National Security Guard NSG was killed in an accidental explosion during combing operations at Pathankot air base on Sunday pushing the number of casualties among security forces attak seven. How ‘Operation Dhangu’ was won – Times of India”. Stimson Center, terfor and B.

essay on pathankot terror attack

Pafhankot from the original on 4 March It presented its report in May While the committee pointed to specific security gaps and recommended corrective measures, it recognized that these had to be located in a comprehensive security policy that reflected the changing threat scenario: There was failure, initially, to link the crisis with and earlier incident involving a senior Punjab state police officer, which may have been linked to a cross-border smuggling racket.


Specifically, the Indian government could not be involved in any ransom payment for the release of the drivers, unlike KGL. Pathankot attacks aimed at disrupting India-Pakistan ties”. It mentioned that the perimeter wall was poorly guarded and the base did not have a road around it for patrolling. Such engagement as exists is only episodic. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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It essau with the Superintendent of Police, Gurdaspur, informing his superiors that his car had been hijacked by unknown persons, possibly terrorists, and that he was kidnapped along with a friend and driver.

What we know so far and the unanswered questions: The time lost was crucial.

essay on pathankot terror attack

Combing operations to continue till we can fully render the base safe, says a NSG Official. Penguin Books India, In addition, there may be off-the-record briefings given to senior editors and journalists to confidentially provide them background on a particular situation.

Retrieved 4 January A Day of Infamy New Delhi: Why was sufficient number of drones with thermal imaging capability not deployed in large numbers to undertake grid-wise sanitization?

essay on pathankot terror attack

A similar transmitter has been recovered from near the area where the two terrorists were killed. Before the window shuts again. The agencies found unreliable evidence that the conspiracy could have hatched near Lahore.

The Modi government is partially addressing this problem through a gradual replacement of subsidies with direct transfer of welfare benefits using the biometric-based unique identity system known locally as Aadhar.