It was very cold. You can enter Green Spot by paying Rs. We went to Fatma Janah part the next day we tried all the slides and we left at the end of the day and directly to B. You can buy everything at Mall and dine a variety of Pakistani dishes. Further IJC do a snow cross every winter in mountains and in those days it certainly snows so tie up with them to catch the snow.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Murree. Upper Topa and Lower Topa: One day my mother got me markers. Another patch of thirteen kilometer track takes one to Birangali. It can change any time.

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Next day we all went to Khanpur dam. For it is divinely important to turn your ln to the sound of nature around as your eyes feast on a verdant valley on one side, and your nose picks up the heady mix of aromas of rain-soaked earth, dew-dampened undergrowth, pine cones and a green forest washed by heavy thunder-showers overnight.

It is situated at a distance of 16 kilometers from Murree at an elevation of meters. Then we went for shopping, we bought many things and snkwfall while returning back to islamabad, on our way back we saw snow so we made snowman’s took pictures and then we finally planned to come back.

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TDCP develop this spot and make it attractive for picnic. Murree lies between Kashmir Point and Pindi Point. There were three cars in the journey. A list of telephone numbers of almost every hotel in Murree is available on net. Umrree the journey one enjoys panoramic view of snow clad Pir Panjal and other ranges in Kashmir.


You enowfall commenting using your Facebook account. It is the most accessible hill station in the Punjab, being distant from Rawalpindi only a five hours’ journey by tonga dak.

That was a very memorable moment for me. We traveled around the hills but there nothing to be seen but snow everywhere. This is famous due to chair lift, which worth a ride.

essay on snowfall in murree

It was very bright. My Winter Vacation Winter break is a time when we finish our exams for midterm and take a little break from essaay. I am going to pen down my amazing experience that I had during my visit to Murree-Bhurban in the mid December, First I visited the Dubai mall which is one of the biggest mall in the world.

We also bought some clothes and toys.

essay on snowfall in murree

Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It has an entry fee of Rs. Murree got the snow of seasonget pictures and info. Nice to see some colorful umbrellas and garbage pile but I’d like to see more landscape pictures.

MURREE – Queen of Hills

Part of the station, especially the Kashmir end, are also well wooded and pretty. On the other hands August is a month of summer which gets most rains so it is the wettest in summer. It is 30 km from Murree.


essay on snowfall in murree

First and old one is Highway and the 2 nd one is Express way. Its a pain to get and out of Murree in those days; specially with all the snow on the roads and all the crazy gas pedal happy drivers from all parts of Pakistan. Malka-e-Kohsar Murree is the most famous place for snofwall tourist of Pakistan.

The beautiful weather turned more pleasant when Murree received its first winter rainfall. This was a very Christian village and there were a lot of kids there and we were told to give the toys to these kids.

Murree and snow: Inseparably beautiful

The winter offers you the enjoyment of snow while rains and fog have no specific season or time. A few kilometers from Changlagali one reaches Kuzagali. Situated between Murree and Nathia Gali, Khanspur is relatively quiet where one can find privacy as well as unmarred vistas of the green hills together. Total ride is about 7 km long.