Exhibit ethical conduct in business negotiations and decisions. Select professional advisors, for example accountant, attorney, and insurance agent. Develop employee recruitment plan to obtain qualified employees. Recognize the importance of union-management relationship and contracts to ensure business continuity. Be sure to review the Event Guidelines and Scoring Rubrics. Identify types of sources of credit and credit terms.

Demonstrate knowledge and apply consumer protection laws. Career Cluster Resources for Information Technology. Identify current business trends to recognize changes needed in business operation. Skip to Main Content. Baggarly, Whitney English Language Arts: Bong, Pelagie World Languages: Identify and keep current with laws and regulations that affect business practices.

Develop, explain, and maintain written personnel policies, rules and procedures including a grievance system, to ensure consistency and to help employees perform their jobs.

Small Business Entrepreneur Task List. Kentucky Department of Education.

FBLA / Competitive Events

Shook, Greg Physical Education: Compare costs, sstudy, and procedures for various forms of credit. Welch, Timothy Physical Education: Kentucky Occupational Skill Standards List. Lowman, Cherl Fine Arts: Develop employee recruitment plan to obtain qualified employees. Lee, James English Language Arts: Interpret financial data and statements to develop short- and long-term budgetary plans, to determine point of profitability and viability, and to analyze cash flow forecast.


fbla entrepreneurship case study example

Develop and communicate to employees the customer relations policy. Corder, Johnny Social Studies: Demonstrate knowledge and apply consumer protection laws.

Establish a tax plan to incorporate the impact of tax consequences on business decisions. Plan, develop, and implement employee orientation and ongoing training programs.

Describe concepts of risk management including factors that affect business risk and rate of return. Develop procedures to retain records. Lukat, Reed Graduation Coach: Analyze tax structures and consequences to assist in business decision making. Harris, Christine English Language Arts: Pittman, Kristin English Language Arts: Identify and maintain records of the initial capital assets current assets; investments; property, plant, and equipment; and intangible assets.

Collect and interpret financial entrepreneursnip to prepare financial statements such as balance sheet, income statement, cash flow projections, entrerpeneurship summary of sales and receipts.

James, Sherry Social Studies: Wilson, Dorothea Social Studies: Prepare a management plan that incorporates legal requirements, business protection, quality control, and operations. Exwmple Issues Tasks 1. Develop procedures for the legal review of documents and procedures, such as contracts. Adams, Laura Physical Education: Colwell, Alecia English Language Arts: Good Luck, and check back frequently for updates!


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Plan and manage work schedules and personnel to maximize operations. Personnel Cxse Tasks Competency: Castro, Jeanine English Language Arts: Apply ethical conduct in business relationships and community activities. Demonstrate knowledge of the current state and federal regulations to apply the tax code professionally.

fbla entrepreneurship case study example