It is not necessary to state the source of well-known or easily verifiable facts, but students are expected to appropriately acknowledge the sources of ideas and expressions they use in their written work, whether quoted directly or paraphrased. Immediate and full publication on the web. The list includes the number of each figure, their title, and their page number. If copyright permission is needed, you may use a sample copyright permission letter which is available from the Copyright Office website. Your thesis should be written in English except for students of Science Teaching. After the exam on your thesis and approval of the corrections, you are required to submit to the FGS the final version to the Feinberg Graduate School. Once you have made sure that your thesis has met all the formatting requirements outlined in the Thesis Formatting Guidelines , download the Electronic Thesis Submission Manual and proceed to submit your thesis to the University of Calgary thesis repository — The Vault.

The digital version must conform to the specifications outlined in this guide. For convocation information, see the Ceremonies and Special Events convocation website. Current information concerning the deadline for the submission of your MSc thesis is available online. Skip to primary navigation. All theses are submitted electronically to the Dalhousie Institutional Repository DalSpace , where they are searchable and available to the public via the internet. The papers themselves, however, may not be included. Students are encouraged to review the e-thesis submission requirements prior to creating a digital version.

Page numbers should be right justified. A description of the purpose or significance of the text or image guidslines also be provided. After selecting the collection press next. They may also help you with the layout of your main thesis text. University of Calgary University Dr.


The material should appear as soon after as it is mentioned in thessi text. All thesis students are required to submit a copy of their thesis to FGS for an initial format check before their thesis defence.

If the student agrees to carry out the research, then the regulations given below will apply. Electronic multimedia files or accompanying files that are part of an e-thesis should be posted to MSpace as separate files. Please see Guivelines Your Thesis for additional information. Characters not available with standard software, such as mathematical equations or complex tabular matter may be neatly executed by hand with black India ink and scanned into document.

The digital version must conform to the specifications outlined in this guide.

fgs thesis guidelines

DalSpace is an institutional repository that collects, preserves, and distributes digital content produced by members of the Dalhousie community. If necessary, you may submit a fully detailed request, through your faculty coordinator, to the Board of Studies to postpone submission of your thesis. Immediate guidelibes full publication on the web.

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The University of Manitoba U gudielines M requires that all theses and practica reasonably conform to the specifications provided in this document. Campus Life Go Dinos!

Copyright permission letters must be submitted along with your thesis forms to FGS and included in your thesis document. Full details are available in the calendar.

Formatting Your Thesis

Your thesis will be added to the approval queue and reviewed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Stay Connected With Graduate Studies.

fgs thesis guidelines

Departures from these norms may render a thesis or practicum unacceptable for either the Libraries of the U of M or Library and Archives Canada. An abstract should contain a statement thezis the problem, methods, results and conclusions. Grading the Thesis and Oral Exam Following the defense of your thesis, your examiners will award separate grades for your thesis and the oral exam.


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Deadline for Your Thesis Your thesis must be submitted by the end of two years after commencing your studies. Specific paper forms are tgesis by FGS before the online submission of a thesis can be completed.

Submitting Your Thesis – Faculty of Graduate Studies – Dalhousie University

UCalgary’s collaboration with ProQuest offers the ability to submit your thesis online. The papers themselves, however, may not be included.

The duration of time from initiation of the thesis or practicum proposal to the oral examination will vary. Please note your electronic submission is not complete until you receive an email from Dalspace indicating that your submission has been committed to the archive.

Final submission – University of Victoria

When uploading your thesis, please keep in mind the following criteria: Return to primary navigation. Illustrative pages must also be numbered. A close personal relationship between an evaluator and a student or applicant or between evaluators, that gives rise to the perception of, or potential, for bias.

The following thesis structure is mandatory:

fgs thesis guidelines