Students preparing for the qualifying exam without having taken PHIL should become familiar with the following formal logical theories: Students must fulfill the language requirement either through coursework or through examination. It is expected that faculty members who agree to participate on a reading list or dissertation proposal committee will be involved for the duration of the project. When the student has decided with whom she or he wants to work, they need to ask that person specifically whether he or she will be their mentor. Students should schedule a reading list exam in consultation with the mentor and committee members, who should make an effort to be flexible in their scheduling. The institutions that participate in the graduate school consortium include:. It is also important to recognize that this set of questions is not exhaustive.

The grant is awarded on a competitive basis and will reward students who have presented papers at conferences, published articles or book reviews, and submitted proposals for external fellowships. From there you can check your registration status, search for classes, and add or drop classes from your schedule. Registration Students register for PHIL Proposal Development one credit each semester during the process of preparing their proposal. To remain in the program, students must maintain a GPA of at least 3. Having found a faculty member who agrees to serve as mentor for the reading list and its exam, students should, in consultation with the mentor, find two further faculty members who agree to serve on that committee. Research Support Grants The GSAS Summer Research Fellowship provides support to students who wish to devote the summer to work on articles for publication, conference papers, and proposals to apply for prestigious fellowships.

Full-Time Status To be considered full-time, students must be registered for 9 credits three philosophy department courses. Submit your dissertation with the proper format. Admission to the Program The program is available to philosophy majors who have a cumulative 3.

fordham gsas dissertation guidelines

Fordham Philosophical Society Created and organized by students, the Fordham Philosophical Society FPS seeks, as its main purpose, to foster the professional development of students in the philosophy program. Mentors should supervise the student’s progress throughout the development of the reading list; other committee members should be willing to consult and offer feedback as needed in developing the list.


Defense of the Dissertation When a student and her or his mentor and readers believe that the dissertation is ready to defend, the student should set a date for the defense and notify the DGS and departmental secretary. GSAS currently offers the following fellowships, usually applied for in the following order:.

Students in these departments should consult their departments about requirements for these projects. Continue through the online submission process until completed.

Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines | Fordham

Theses must be submitted no later than December 10 for the fall semester and April 10 for the spring semester. Exit Survey as part of your presentation. The uploaded thesis should be in its final version, including any changes required by the committee and in the proper format as indicated in Appendix E of the GSAS Academic Policies and Procedures Guidebook.

Research Support Grants The GSAS Summer Research Fellowship provides support to students who wish to devote the summer to work on articles for publication, conference papers, and proposals to apply for prestigious fellowships.

The department chairperson or program director is responsible for ensuring that the committee is professionally appropriate.

fordham gsas dissertation guidelines

The mentor and the student, in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies, agree together on whom to invite to fill the other four slots. A paper will be graded High Pass when it is judged worthy of submission to a professional journal.

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Law Assignment Writing Service. Their applications will be evaluated with all the other applications dissertatino for the Ph. Please note that standard expenses associated with the dissertation i. Also, if you wish to meet with the Associate Dean, you do not need to do so by the deadline on the GSAS Academic Calendaras long as your paperwork is completed by then.

All three members must approve the reading list, as well as the department fordbam or Director of Graduate Studies.

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When a student feels she is prepared to take her language exam, she should contact the DGS, who will set dixsertation the exam with an appropriate faculty member. If one evaluator assigns a grade of Pass and the other assigns a grade of Faila third faculty member will evaluate the project, gssa the student must receive a grade of Pass from the third evaluator in order to complete the requirement successfully.


The dissertation should not exceed pages, including notes and bibliography, in standard point typeface. Its aim is not only to facilitate progress through the academic programs leading to the conferment of M. This disdertation take the form of one historical period and two contemporary approaches, or two historical periods and one contemporary approach.

Please contact adgsas fordham. The reading list should meet the following qualifications:. Disssertation date for the dissertation defense must be set by October 15 for a defense to occur in the fall semester guidleines by March 15 for a defense to occur in the spring semester. During the academic year, mentors and readers, if materials have been submitted to the readers, should provide feedback on chapters or larger drafts within a month of submission.

Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines

It is strongly recommended that students work to set a date with their committee as early as possible in the semester for the fall, in September, and for the spring, in January so that the date can be set before faculty calendars are filled. The defense is scheduled for two hours, during which all five members of the committee will question the author in turn. Stephen Frank July 27, at 5: This meeting is not open to the public. The faculty members designated as readers agree to read the completed dissertation and possibly to be involved in the process of its production.